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Slow Stitchin’ on Sunday Morning

In these posts I want to share some of my favorite pieces, which will include wall hangings, small works, pillows, purses, and just because pieces, enjoy!

8 1/4″ x 8 1/4″

Sweet Roses and Posies

I created this piece for my book, The Embroidery Book, by C&T Publishing. I used two different colors of Hoffman Batiks for the the strip-pieced base. I added in hand-dyed vintage cotton lace and dyed mother-of-pearl buttons for the details. The embroidery was first worked around the center square, with a row of stitches mirroring the square. Vignettes were worked into the center, and corners of the middle section. The embroidery was worked in Wildflower thread by the Caron Collection, and 6 colors of silk embroidery ribbon and silk floss.

Embroidery Stitches Used

  • Border row and vines: blanket stitch, feather stitch
  • Decorative stitches: lazy daisy stitch, ribbon stitch, padded straight stitch
  • Detail stitches: French knot stitch, lazy daisy stitch, fly stitch
  • Vignette stitches: woven rose stitch, woven rose stitch variation (two colors of ribbon), pointed petal stitch, rosette, French knot stitch

Happy Stitching to You! Christen

PS: If you wish to see more of my work, check out the Gallery section.

Ribbon Embroidered Brooch: class/tutorial

Ribbon Embroidered Brooch: 1 lesson/ $25.00

ribbon embroidered broochThis pretty little brooch is the perfect size, to be given as a gift or to keep for yourself. Four basic embroidery stitches will be covered: woven rose, chain stitch, lazy daisy, French knot.


Skill Level Beginning: hand-sewing and embroidery skills a must

Class Information

This class can be purchased at any time, there is no set schedule. The class can be ordered by contacting Christen: thestoreonthecorner@gmail.com. She will send you an invoice through PayPal.

Once the class is paid for, the supply list and handout/s will be sent out.

A high-speed internet connection is recommended, and you must have basic computer and internet skills. You will need to be able know how to download and save a document to your computer’s hard drive, open it, and print out a copy.

You can contact Christen with any questions pertaining to the class/class information throughout the length of the class.

Class fees will not be refunded.

Happy Stitching! ~Christen



Renaissance of Silk Ribbon Embroidery Sampler

This is a the Renaissance of Silk Ribbon Embroidery Sampler that I teach for guilds and conferences. all of the stitches can be found in my book Embroidered and Embellished by C&T Publishing.

Happy Stitching, enjoy~ Christen!



Chantilly Lady’s Lace Cuff

This is one of the bracelets that I designed for my class Chantilly Lady’s Lace Cuff.  The lace, ribbons, and threads are dyed with ColorHue dyes. The techniques included are ribbonwork, tatting, crochet, and embroidery. This piece can be found in the gallery section of my book Ribbonwork Flowers by C&T Publishing.

Happy Stitching, enjoy~ Christen!



Wreath and Roses

This is one of nine blocks that were designed for my class the Stitch Along Sampler series. The embroidery stitches included both traditional and silk ribbon techniques. The stitches can be found in my book Embroidered and Embellished by C&T Publishing.

Happy Stitching, enjoy~ Christen!

Day 24 of HEARTS! Serendipity

Day 24 of HEARTS!

Many of you know that I love hearts! I love the shapes and all of the possibilities. The base of this heart-shaped wall hanging is made from two cotton batik fabrics, strip pieced together with a v-shaped section in the middle of the heart. The embroidered flowers and leaves are worked in silk embroidery ribbon, silk floss, and buttonhole twist. Sequins, glass beads, buttons and flower shaped rondelles were added in for details. Rayon cord was couched around the outer edge. The stitches and example can be found The Embroidery Book.

Happy February to you!


Crazy Pieced Needle Case

Crazy Pieced Needle Case

crazy pieced etui

This lovely, little needle case, is made from tiny scraps of some of my favorite fabrics. The embroidery was worked in perle cotton, cotton floss, and silk embroidery ribbon. It is embellished with ribbonwork flowers, buttons, beads and charms.

crazy pieced etui

Happy Stitching, and enjoy~ Christen

Ribbon Embroidered Brooch

ribbon embroidered broochThis pretty little brooch is the perfect size, to be given as a gift or to keep for yourself. Four basic embroidery stitches will be covered: woven rose, chain stitch, lazy daisy, French knot.


Class Fee: $25.00/2 hour class

*Please note that this class does not include any of the materials, supplies or tools; these must be purchased by the student.

Class Requirements: Hand embroidery skills a must.

Date and time: Not currently scheduled.


This class fee is paid directly to Christen. This can be paid by a PayPal invoice, or by check and sent to Christen. Please email Christen: thestoreonthecorner@gmail.com with your inquiries. Once the class is paid for the handout will be sent to the customer’s email address. The customer must print a copy of the handout to bring to the day of class.

Happy Stitching ~Christen

View From The Red Planet….

I found time to clean up the work room, and came across several small projects that have been waiting to be completed. So I hope to dedicate the next few months to completing some of these.

This is the first project, made from left-overs bits of this and that from a class that I teach, “Embellished Silk Treasures”.

The base is made from split silk cocoons, which were adhered to Lutrador, then machine embellished with gold threads. This was then embellished further with bits of painted vilene, fabric circles. A few embroidery and beading stitches enhance the components.

view from the redplanet

Happy Stitching to all! ~Christen

Embroidered and Embellished by Christen Brown


I am so excited to announce my second book, Embroidered and Embellished, will be published in June 2013. You can find it here on C & T’ Publishers, and Amazon’s. I just got a peek of the inside of the book yesterday, and I can tell you honestly that I am thrilled,  it will be so beautiful!

The book is evenly divided into the four categories of embroidery that I love. Traditional, Silk Ribbon, Raised and textured and Bead Embroidery. There are two projects per category, ranging from simple to more complicated; with a total of eight projects all together. There are about 20 stitches in each embroidery chapter, with a few extras thrown in for a total of 85 stitches.

I took all of the step-out photography as I did for my first book, Ribbonwork Gardens. I also illustrated the embroidery diagrams and drew steps for sewing, which were translated digitally by the staff.

There will be plenty of inspiration in the Gallery section, from wall hangings, to purses, etuis to pillows, garments and jewelry. There is also one special purse that was created by my dear friend Maryanne Gross, you can find more of her work here at Zingala’s Workshop.

Hope that you find inspiration in every day, and enjoy!