Embroidery and Embellishments

Here you will find blog posts on embroidery and embellishments, for more inspiration check out my PDF classes and books. Happy Stitching to you! ~Christen

Embroidery Techniques

Ribbonwork Techniques

Fabric and Color Choices

Stitch Along Sampler Week

The following posts were first aired during the promotion for my book Hand Embroidery Dictionary. I had help from many friends who created pieces using the stitches that can be found in my book.

  1. Hand Embroidery Dictionary Index
  2. Lazy Daisy and Chain Stitches
  3. Barb and Blanket Stitches
  4. Fly and Feather Stitches
  5. Fleet and Cretan Stitches
  6. Cross and Herringbone Stitches
  7. Straight and Outline Stitches
  8. Knotted, Woven, and Whipped Stitches and Embellishment Stitches