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Magic Web part 2

Magic Web is a class that I teach for This is the examples from the second and final day of class.
solvy fabric heartThis was the original example for the Magic Web class. The fabric and yarns were sandwiched together using Solvy, a water soluble stabilizer and lots and lots of machine stitching. The heart shape was then cut out, and embellished with shisha mirrors (my own technique); buttons and beads. Then the piece was attached to a baking, and then more embellishment was attached to the edges, and dangles of beads and charms added to the bottom of the brooch.

solvy fabric heartThis is a sample that I made in class, using the same design as the first heart. I added more mirrors, and fewer buttons so there was more room for beading around the mirrors, and adding in smaller sections of beads.

solvy fabric heartThis is another sample from the class. Here the design is similar to the first brooch, with one mirror and several buttons. I added a cord around the edge, then added in the dangles. I like the soft coloring of this brooch, and the copper dangles.

Enjoy, Christen

Magic Web part 1

This is a sample of Magic Web at Joggles:

Lesson 1: making a “magic web” from bits of precious scraps, decorative yarns and metallic threads. The techniques include working with metallic threads (always a challenge), scraps of fabric, ribbon and yarn, and Solvy a water soluble stabilizer.

solvy fused fabric, lace and yarn

The students could choose from 3 different techniques to make their heart shape base:

1.     Solvy Lace: scraps of fabric and yarn turned into a lace.

2.     Solvy Fabric: scraps of fabric melded together.

3.     Solvy Lace with Fabric Back: scraps of fabric melded together on top of a background fabric.

I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! I will post my finished results next week.

Enjoy, Christen

Creative Thread Embroidery Needle-Case

creative thread embroidery samples

This is a class that I just finished up teaching this week. This was a really fun class, where the student learned to work the embroidery stitches using a variety of threads such as pearl cotton; buttonhole twist; rayon and cotton floss on a fabric base that will be used as needle-case.

Some of the stitches used blended thread to create new colors and textures. The dimensional embroidery stitches that were covered were bullion knot, cast on buttonhole, drizzle, woven, whipped and tatted. Traditional stitches such as the buttonhole, chain stitch, feather stitch, feather stitch leaf, French knot, lazy daisy, pistol stitch and straight stitch were also covered.

creative thread embroidery

There were many hours of stitching involved, but it is well worth the end results!

Happy Stitching to all of my students!