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San Diego Quilt Show 2014: BEBE by Christen Brown- cancelled

Unfortunately this class has been cancelled!

Beginning Embroidery with Bead Embellishment: BEBE

by Christen Brown

I will be teaching this two-day class for the San Diego Quilt Show on Wednesday, September 3, 2014 and Thursday September 4, 2014. The class runs from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, and is held at the San Diego Convention Center.

Beginning Embroidery with Bead EmbellishmentThis is a great introductory class to traditional embroidery stitches with the added flare and dazzle that only seed beads can add. A variety of stitches are included that will be used in each separate embroidered design, a Base Stitch, a Design Stitch, and an Embellished Stitch. Additional embellishments will also be covered such as adding in buttons, sequins, large beads and charms. You can use a pre-made simple strip-pieced base, or a crazy pieced block in class to work the embroidered designs off of.

Beginning Embroidery with Bead EmbellishmentFirst Day: The first part of the lesson will cover the embroidery basics: the variety of threads that can be used and the different needles that these require. Also discussed will be the Embellishments such as seed beads, buttons and other components. Christen’s simple color theory on how to successfully use these will also be shared. The second part of the lesson will be devoted to demonstrating the Base Stitches. These include the feather stitch, the chain stitch, the buttonhole stitch, the fern stitch, the herringbone stitch and the outline stitch.

Beginning Embroidery with Bead EmbellishmentSecond Day: This first part of the lesson will cover the Design Stitches, which will be added to the Base Stitches. These include the lazy daisy, the bullion tipped lazy daisy, the fly stitch, the pistol stitch, the French knot, woven star, and the Chinese knot. The second part of the lesson will be devoted to the Embellished Stitches. These include the seed beads in a combination of designs; the charms and the buttons.

This is a great opportunity for me, as I have not taught this class locally. I hope to see you all there!

Happy Stitching ~Christen