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National Sewing Month

Day 10

Question: Do you have a favorite pincushion, or two? Here are a few of mine.

perky pincushion

Perky Pincushion is a class that I have taught both locally and at the International Quilt Show Festival in Houston. It is a fun little project, that requires very little time, with a fanciful result.

Strawberry Scissor Fob and Red Roses Pincushion and is similar, but has different flowers, and of course, the strawberry fobs! This piece and the instructions for the flowers and strawberries can be found in my book, Ribbonwork Flowers by C&T Publishing.

The above pincushions all start with a ribbon base. The first three can be seen in my book Ribbonwork Flowers, with the instructions to make all of the flowers. Bonbons were gifts that I made, for the dedicated editors of my books.

Happy Stitching~Christen

National Sewing Month

Day 5

Question: Do you like to recycle old clothing, or use something in an unexpected way?

Country Hearts 1, 2

The base for each of these small wall hangings started with a pair of old jeans. The heart shape is cut from an old birdcage cover, that my mom made for our parakeet Tweetie. There is a hand-dyed piece of lace shaped as a vine on each, and all of the flowers are made from Hannah Silk bias ribbons. Additional embroidery was worked with silk embroidery ribbon.

Blue Jean Pockets

These two pockets came from that same pair of jeans. I embellished both with crochet appliques that my mom had made. The first has a rococo trim, ribbonwork flowers, buttons and additional tatted flowers. The second has ribbonwork flowers and leaves, and vintage glass buttons.

For information on making your own ribbonwork components, see my books Ribbonwork Gardens, and Ribbonwork Flowers, by C&T Publishing.

Happy Stitching~Christen

Spiders and Webs

Christen Brown Spring ’19

Spiders Hide in the Dusk

If you know my work, you know that I sneak a spider and a web into many of my creations. I am in awe of the beauty of a spiderweb, but deathly afraid of real-life spiders! In recreating a spiderweb, I try to capture the beauty of the delicate woven structure. However, when I embroider the spider, I try to create a more whimsical version to somehow confront my fear!

Thank you for looking, and Happy Stitching to you all!


National BUTTON WEEK Day 3!!!

Here are a few images of more buttons!

These are a few necklaces that I have made with buttons.

Antique Autumn Roses- by Christen Brown

This necklace started with the wonderful wrapped metallic gold center piece given to me by a friend. The necklace base is made from silk rouleau and rayon cording wrapped and curled into an entwined pattern. The beads, buttons and extras are attached at random, using a free-form peyote technique.

Umbrian Vintage Ensemble

This is a technique that I call “train tracks”, the buttons are attached through two layers of silk rouleau. The beads and charms are added on after the buttons.

Santa Fe Talisman- necklace

This necklace started with a base made from ruched velvet ribbon. The buttons are made from abalone and muscle shell, jade, turquoise, and other materials. Seed beads and larger beads were used for the dangles.

Cobblestone Collar- Beaded Jewelry Ensemble

This necklace was made using a right-angle weave pattern, the base is comprised of seed beads, pearls, and buttons made from muscle shell.

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride by Christen Brown

This necklace started with a base made from ruched velvet ribbon. The buttons are made from glass and metal, seed beads and vintage glass beads and charms were used for the dangles.

Hope that you enjoyed looking! Happy stitching! ~Christen



Vase with Flowers

This is one of nine blocks that were designed for my class the Stitch Along Sampler series. The embroidery stitches included both traditional and silk ribbon techniques. The stitches can be found in my book Embroidered and Embellished by C&T Publishing.

Happy Stitching, enjoy~ Christen!



Jean Jacket

This is a jacket from my UPCYCLE-IT program. I took a jean jacket that I bought at the thrift store for $5.99 and embellished it with the sample and prototype flowers from both of my ribbonwork books, Ribbonwork Gardens and Ribbonwork Flowers from C&T Publishing.

Ribbonwork Gardens a book by Christen Brown

Happy Stitching, enjoy~ Christen!



silk ribbon embroidery with ribbon work flowers

Rococo Pillow

This is a close-up view of a small pillow that I made using both ribbonwork and silk ribbon emboridery stitches. The base is made from two silk fabrics pieced together and embellished with vintage ribbon trim, a basket made from vintage lace, embellished with a variety of ribbon flowers and ribbon trims. This was an example used in my book Ribbonwork Gardens from C&T Publishing.

Happy Stitching, enjoy~ Christen!



french wire beaded flowers

Beautiful Beaded Blooms!

This is a grouping of French wire beaded flowers, for more examples see Beautiful Beaded Blooms. More ideas on beading and beadwork can be found in my book Beaded Embroidery Stitching from C&T Publishing.

Happy Stitching, enjoy~ Christen!



Small Works!

This is a grouping of some of my favorite embroidered treasures. I keep these in baskets on my work table and book cases so that I can see them and love them everyday! These can be found as gallery examples in my ribbonwork and embroidery books from C&T Publishing.

Happy Stitching, enjoy~ Christen!