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The Crazy Corner: Students Work

During the first run series of my class the Crazy Corner, I had several ladies allow me to photograph their project’s journey through the sixteen weeks of lessons, and then publish their work here. Please give each of them a round of applause and much praise for their beautiful work!

Under the Sea by Karen Oberle

step14Karen started with a printed fabric that had sea horses on it. She chose additional fabrics to compliment the colors of the first, adding threads, ribbons and beads following the same color scheme. She adapted many of the techniques to her underwater theme, for instance instead of a basket, she created a sunken ship; the flowers became shell shapes; and she added in many more inventive items.


Carolyn’s Garden for a Friend by Carolyn Barkow

largeCarolyn started with a garden theme, which began with several fabrics that had a floral print. She continued the theme by adding in a basket for berries, a bee skep, butterflies, and lots of flowers. There is a tiny birds nest at the top left corner, filled with blue beads for the eggs.


Please check in periodically, for the remaining students work.

Happy Stitching to you all! ~Christen

Roll of Stitches

embroidery cornerI have combined all of the small samplers that I created for my class the Embroidery Corner, into a rolled book. The class is a 16 week course where we explore a stitch and it’s variations, or several related stitches each week. I use my book Embroidered and Embellished as a reference guide.

embroidery cornerI created a cover for the rolled book from another longer sampler that I had started to stitch on in class. Here is a peek into the book.

embroidered sampler

embroidery sampler

embroidery sampler

embroidery sampler

ECdedicationI learned the art of embroidery at the age of seven from my mom. It is the one needle art that I continue to use every day, I love it!

Happy stitching to you all, enjoy! ~Christen

Kantha Table Runner

kanthatablerunnerKantha Table Runner

This project is a fun and easy way to become acquainted with the easy and free-form quilted style of Kantha quilting. This is class will be taught in tandem with Carol Alves and myself. Carol will take the first part of the class, helping the student to machine sew the table runner. I will take the second part of the class and teach the student how to work out a design, and stitch the fabric into a quilt.

kanthatablerunnerThe table runner can be any size, mine is 14″ wide by 44″ long.


Class Fee:$30.00 total

  • $15.00 for Carol, to be paid for any time before the class, at the store
  • $15.00 for Christen: which is paid directly to Christen (see below)

*Please note that this class does not include any of the materials, supplies or tools; these must be purchased by the student.

Date and time: This class is not currently scheduled.

Please email Christen: with your inquiries.

Happy Stitching ~Christen