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Embroidery Stitching Handy Pocket Guide: New!

Let me introduce you to my latest book:

Embroidery Stitching the Handy Pocket Guide!

There are over 30 stitches included, with suggestions on materials, threads and ribbons, embellishments and more. Other important sections are Defining a Stitch, Working the Stitches, and What, Where, When with stitch placement ideas.

This diminutive book is 4″ x 6″, and will fit easily into your sewing basket or pouch. It is the perfect size to bring to class, or when stitching with friends.

I just finished this project, which is a version of my class Hankies and Lace Wall Hanging. I used every one of the stitches included in the Handy Pocket Guide, which include traditional embroidery stitches as well as silk ribbon and beaded embroidery stitches.

The bulk of the stitches were worked in these colors of cotton floss.

For some of the stitches I used my Embroidery Stencils, I suggest that you use an air erasable pen to mark the lines and images.

The hankies that I used came from my mother’s collection of her tour in Europe where she met my dad. Several other hankies and table linens found there way into the project, along with some vintage rick rack trim. I used quite a few buttons, both old and new, and of course I had to include my lady bugs and bees! I also embellished the piece with beads, two celluloid acorn charms, and glass and acrylic flower charms.

You can find the book at C&T Publishing, and on Amazon.

Happy Stitching to you all! enjoy~ Christen

Summer Jewels

I just finished making this ensemble over the weekend. I started with two embroidered pieces, both were brooches that I had made for a class that I teach. The necklace is made up of mostly vintage glass beads from Japan. I also included new bronze beads, and some Czech glass beads. The clip-on earrings are vintage celluloid domes embossed with silver leaf.

summer jewels, vintage beads, mother of pearl buttons, necklace, bracelet, broochI kept one of the pieces as a brooch, though I cut it down a bit, to keep the silk ribbon embroidery as the main focus. I added a cord around the outer edge, and sewed a bronze button and mother of pearl buttons around the edge.

broochI used the other piece for the center of the bracelet, using an old watch to frame the embroidery. I used vintage grosgrain ribbons that I had been saving for just the right project. I wrapped the smaller ribbon through the watch links, and hand stitched this to the wider ribbon. I glued a button to hide the hole where the winding mechanism used to be. I then added in a garden of vintage mother of pearl buttons, that have silk ribbon embroidered stems and leaves. The bracelet is clasped with a large hook and eye, with an added bronze button for decoration.

watch parts, buttons, silk ribbon embroidery

10901_frontcoverBoth the brooch and the watch bracelet use simple silk ribbon embroidery stitches, that can be seen in my new book, Embroidered and Embellished with will be available next month.


Happy Stitching! ~Christen


Embroidered and Embellished by Christen Brown


I am so excited to announce my second book, Embroidered and Embellished, will be published in June 2013. You can find it here on C & T’ Publishers, and Amazon’s. I just got a peek of the inside of the book yesterday, and I can tell you honestly that I am thrilled,  it will be so beautiful!

The book is evenly divided into the four categories of embroidery that I love. Traditional, Silk Ribbon, Raised and textured and Bead Embroidery. There are two projects per category, ranging from simple to more complicated; with a total of eight projects all together. There are about 20 stitches in each embroidery chapter, with a few extras thrown in for a total of 85 stitches.

I took all of the step-out photography as I did for my first book, Ribbonwork Gardens. I also illustrated the embroidery diagrams and drew steps for sewing, which were translated digitally by the staff.

There will be plenty of inspiration in the Gallery section, from wall hangings, to purses, etuis to pillows, garments and jewelry. There is also one special purse that was created by my dear friend Maryanne Gross, you can find more of her work here at Zingala’s Workshop.

Hope that you find inspiration in every day, and enjoy!



Ribbonwork Gardens by Christen Brown

ribbonwork flowers and leavesI am so excited to share my first book Ribbonwork Gardens, by C&T Publishing!

There are 122 realistic flowers, leaves and garden extras included in the book, with experience levels from easy to advanced. The flowers are showcased in six different garden settings, offering you an array of small, medium and large flowers, each paired with a leaf to create a perfect combination.

I have included photographed step-by-step instructions (which I took), for each of the 122 examples. I have included a comprehensive cutting chart and have listed the types of ribbon that are suitable for each flower/leaf combination and included little extras such as French knots or beads.

There are over 14 basic techniques, some traditional and some that I have created especially for this book. There is a complete compendium with ribbon styles, selection and care, and troubleshooting tips with several gallery pages and examples sprinkled throughout the book for inspiration. The book is a soft cover, and will easily fit on your workspace while you learn and create.

I dedicated this book to my students, and I hope that you become one.

Happy Stitching! ~Christen