Articles and Publications

I love fiber art, beading, ribbonwork and embroidery, and I love to teach and share what I have learned over my life time of these pursuits. I began writing articles, in the hopes to reach more students. I encourage you to learn as much about the techniques, the people, and the history of the arts and crafts that interest you. We who come after are entrusted to be the keepers of these creative spirits, and are responsible for keeping the inspirational light on for those who come after us.

These are the Piecework Magazine issues that you can find my work:

In addition my work has been photographed and included in many publications such as:

  • 2005/April: Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine
  • 2004: Bernina Fashion Show Book, and CD
  • 2002/November: San Diego Home and Garden Magazine
  • 2000: Fairfield Fashion Show 20 years
  • 1997: Visions Quilt Expressions
  • 1996/March: Michael’s Arts and Craft Magazine
  • 1995/October: Michael’s Arts and Craft Magazine
  • 1995/March: Michael’s Arts and Craft Magazine
  • 1995: The Button Craft Book
  • 1994/January: Ladies Patchwork Quilt
  • 1993/May: Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest
  • 1993/January: Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine
  • 1992/Fall: American Quilter’s Magazine
  • 1992: Costume Maker’s Art
  • 1991: Fiberarts Design Book IV
  • 1990: Vision’s A New Decade
  • 1991/Fall: Fiberarts Magazine
  • 1991/Fall: International Quilt Market Buyers Guide
  • 1991/September: American Craft Magazine
  • 1990/November: Craft and Needlework trade magazine
  • 1990/Fall: Shuttle, Spindle, and Dye Pot magazine
  • 1990/September: Fiberarts Magazine
  • 1990/May: San Diego Home and Garden Magazine

Happy Stitching to you!~ Christen

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  1. hi, I think your work is all amazing! I am looking to create a mixed media wall hanging with free form crochet, ribbon work beading which of your books so you suggest I buy? also want to make curtain tie back tassels

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