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Ribbonwork Gardens

Ribbonwork Gardens a book by Christen Brown

There are 122 realistic flowers, leaves and garden extras included in the book, with experience levels from easy to advanced. The flowers are showcased in six different garden settings, offering you an array of small, medium and large flowers, each paired with a leaf to create a perfect combination.

There are photographed step-by-step instructions for each of the 122 examples. In addition each project has a comprehensive cutting chart, listed with the types of ribbon that are suitable for each flower/leaf combination, included with little extras such as French knots or beads.

Please Note: These are flowers made from ribbon that is cut, folded or pieced and then stitched into shape. This is not ribbon embroidery where the ribbon is threaded into a needle, then stitched into the fabric and embroidered.

Embroidered and Embellished

10901_frontcoverThis richly illustrated reference guide from embroidery expert Christen Brown covers everything you need to make beautiful magic with needle and thread. Learn to sew traditional and silk ribbon embroidery, make raised stitches, and embellish with beads, charms, buttons, and mirrors. Christen shows you how to combine and place stitches to enhance a finished piece and how to work with embroidery threads, ribbons, fabrics, laces, beads, buttons, and other embellishments.

Step-by-step photo instructions show exactly how to sew 85 different stitches and includes 8 complete embroidery projects to stitch and embellish.

Ribbonwork Flowers

ribbonworkflowersCreate a floral fantasy

Gather, twist, and stitch an array of flowers from elegant ribbons and lace. Christen Brown, author of best-selling Ribbonwork Gardens, shares 132 flowers, leaves, and garden extras – each with complete instructions and colorful how-to photos. Readers will learn clever twists on vintage ribbonwork construction, plus hand-sewing basics and an overview of techniques. Fashion your own floral arrangements from interchangeable petals and leaves, two never-before-seen stem designs, and swappable centers. A gallery of bouquets will inspire you to craft realistic blooms, embellished with fruit, flourishes, and garden accessories. From single-stem posies to bountiful bouquets, this collection has something for everyone.

Please Note: These are flowers made from ribbon that is cut, folded or pieced and then stitched into shape. This is not ribbon embroidery where the ribbon is threaded into a needle, then stitched into the fabric and embroidered.

The Embroidery Book


Enjoy the tranquility of slow stitching with this step-by-step, visual guide to 149 embroidery stitches, motifs, and extras. Go beyond basic color theory–robust color charts take the guesswork out of choosing thread, silk ribbon, buttons, beads, and trims. Then take your embroidery to the next level with luxurious seam treatments and stunning stand-alone designs! Best-selling author Christen Brown’s traditional and contemporary techniques are showcased in a colorful gallery of crazy-quilted projects.


Embroidery Stencils The Essential Collection


This is a collection of 4 easy-to-use stitch templates to be used for crazy-quilting and embroidery. Just position the stencil where desired and mark your designs with a quilter’s pencil to get your embroidery off to an accurate start!

The expert instructions and tips in the complete 16-page how-to booklet give you confidence in where and how to make your stitches, while the decorative and inventive designs add an unexpected creative element.

Laser-cut durable, translucent, medium-weight plastic, the stencils are easy to handle and create perfect markings every time. Create an endless number of unique designs to embroider: hearts, flowers, baskets, butterflies, spiderwebs, vines, feather stitches, and more. Perfect for crazy-quilting projects–flexible, see-through templates make it easy to see your fabric and seams and perfectly position your design! 4 compact stencils come with a handy storage pouch and fit nicely into your sewing kit.

Embroidery Stitching Handy Pocket Guide

Keep over thirty essential embroidery stitches at your fingertips

Get the pocket guide to embroidery that everyone’s talking about—a sixty-four page mini book that’s perfect to take on the go! Keep your favorite stitches within reach, with this all-in-one reference for hand stitchers, crazy quilters, and free-form embroiderers. Learn the best stabilizers and thread for embroidery from expert Christen Brown, then branch out with embellishments, beads, and charms. This petite paperback is the perfect size for your purse or sewing kit.

Take it with you anywhere!

Beaded Embroidery Stitching

Add dimension and luster to your sewing projects! Inspired by the magic of beads, buttons, and charms, Christen Brown shares 8 stunning beadwork projects from brooches and bracelets to wallhangings. A handy visual guide to 125 bead embroidered and bead woven stitches categorizes each stitch by style, with a second alphabetical index to keep at your fingertips. A robust project gallery will inspire crafters of all skill levels, from embroiderers and sewists to crazy quilters, mixed media artists, and jewelry makers.

The Darling Motif Collection

Choose from a huge number of delightful designs to embroider: a teapot, pincushion, watering can, ladybug, rose, vase, scissors, key, butterfly, and moreFlexible, see-through templates make it easy to see your fabric and seams and perfectly position your design!Four compact, durable stencils fit nicely into your sewing kit and are built to last5″ x 9″4 plastic 4 x 8 stencils, 16p instruction booklet.

Embellished Art Embroidery Project Planner

This delightful planner is designed especially for embroiderers so that you can track multiple projects throughout the year—because let’s face it, who doesn’t have lots of projects going at once?! Set your project goals, track your progress, and manage your time and works-in-progress (WIPs). Each project has four pages to track and record all the critical details: the name of your project, the layout, the stitches and embellishments, due dates, supply lists and more. Plus, flip to the back of the planner for a reference section and even more handy tools.

Hand Embroidery Dictionary

Everything embroidery bundled into one helpful how-to guide! Expert embroiderer Christen Brown breaks down 500+ stitches from the basics for beginners to more complex designs for advanced stitchers. Stitches range from Lazy Daisy, French Knot, Herringbone, Capped, Chevron, and so much more. Create intricate art like Christen with projects such as psychedelic balloons, mushroom gardens, and flowered embroidered spirals. Bursting with color and beads, designs are perfect for contemporary embroidery art or crazy quilting. Start simple and learn how to choose tools and threads, achieve the perfect stitch, and then start designing your unique embroidery project.

Creative Embroidery, Mixing the Old with the New

Create with your stash, vintage and new!

Put all stashed, hoarded, and handed-down bits and pieces to creative use! Popular author Christen Brown walks readers through innovative uses for all kinds of embellishments — like lace, vintage linens and hankies, trims and ribbons, buttons of all sorts, and vintage notions — through techniques and projects. If you want to add more unique stash pieces, she provides tips on finding the good stuff, both in-person and online. Get tips for taking care of your treasures; from cleaning vintage finds to fiber identification. 

  • Embroider your stashed treasures with 19 stash project ideas and a robust gallery to get started
  • Explore a wide variety of projects from feminine to whimsical, functional to frivolous, and old school to contemporary
  • 100+ embroidery stitches

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