Renaissance of Ribbon Embroidery Vest: silk ribbon embroidery

Close up view of silk ribbon embroidery with ribbon worked flowers

Close up view of silk ribbon embroidery with ribbon worked flowers

This is a close up view of a vest that I made when I first started teaching silk ribbon embroidery. The class is named after the vest Renaissance of Ribbon Embroidery.

I used a tapestry base for the project because this was created as a technique class, which involves learning quite a few stitches. With the tapestry base, design was a simple issue, just embellish around the pattern that is already there.

I used many, many, many yards of 4mm silk ribbon, in fact so many I jokingly said that I could no longer afford to send my daughter to college! I used silk buttonhole twist for the feather stitch and detail stitches. I also included Japan gold for the outline of the leaves.

Satin ribbon worked flowers and leaves are also included in the floral vignettes. There are a few tatted flowers thrown in for good measure, and dyed appliques, though these techniques are not included in the class. The flowers are also embellished with fresh water pearls and semi precious beads.

Happy Stitching! Christen

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