Victoriana- silk ribbon embroidered vest

Victoriana- silk ribbon embroidered rvest

Victoriana- silk ribbon embroidered vest

This is a collaged montage of a few of the embroidered sections from my Victoriana vest. This vest is shown here in it’s second incarnation. The original was a solid piece of fabric with the manipulated ribbon work sections, lace sections, and ribbon embroidery, similar to The Edwardian, and was the original sample for Vintage Redressed pattern. Sadly the vest had an accident with the iron, and several sections of ribbon work melted! Yikes!

So I cut out the sections that I could save, found a compatible fabric to the original, and crazy pieced the front sections with the saved embroidery, and simplified the back by just using the dyed lace pieces, buttons and beads.

The silk ribbon embroidery sections were worked with 2mm, 4mm, and 7mm silk ribbon, vintage ombre ribbon, and buttonhole twist thread. The ribbon worked flowers are made from satin ribbon. I added in seed beads in sizes 6,8, and 11 for details. Metal charms and vintage buttons complete the details.

Victoriana- vest

Victoriana- vest

The beret and purse that I wear with this vest are made from the original fabrics, and the Lady Alexandra is the jewelry that is worn with this outfit.

Enjoy your day, happy stitching… Christen

Currents- free form embroidered vest

Currents- free form embroidered vest

Currents- free form embroidered vest

The vest is made from a Hoffman Bali Batik fabric, in the colors of a rich cranberries and currents, shot with hints of mango, teal and mustard. I used these accents colors for the fabric yo-yo’s made from cotton velveteen, and metallic silk fabric. This was the sample for my Currents class.

The cotton base fabric is machine quilted with a double needle in some sections and free form stipple quilted in others. Machine embroidered sections of covered yarn resemble branches or vines (teal green), and provide an anchor for the additional embellishment of hand applied rayon cords.

Hand embroidered shisha mirrors are seen amongst needle lace embroidery. Beads and buttons are used along with metal charm embellishments to compliment the sea theme.

Happy Stitching, Christen

Brigadoon- silk ribbon embroidered vest

Brigadoon- silk ribbon embroidered vest

Brigadoon- silk ribbon embroidered vest

Being an artist I am inspired by all that I see, past and present. One of my favorite things to do is turn on an old movie, a classic, such as Brigadoon for instance with Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse. The colors of the fabrics used in this vest reminded me of the tartans worn in the movie and of course my mother’s own Scottish heritage.

The vest which is a sample of my Quelque Fleurs class and purse is from my Fleurs de France class. These are both made from silk, dyed cotton and tapestry fabrics that are curved pieced to fit the shape of the pattern. The ribbon flowers and ruching are made from satin and velvet ribbons. The vest has a few pieces of vintage lace around the seams and in the back with additional hand tatted flowers that I made from a vintage spool of buttonhole twist.

The flowering gardens of silk ribbon embroidery are embellished further with vintage sequins, glass charms shaped like lilies, buttons and beads; also used were new glass beads and glass charms. The back of the vest displays a vintage button, that had been a gift from a student. The button had previously been owned by her great aunt quite a lady who had traveled to the west coast on a covered wagon in her youth!

Happy Stitching, enjoy your memories, write them down! Christen

Shabby’n Stitched- recycled cotton vest

Shabby 'n Stitched Vest

Shabby ‘n Stitched Vest

This was a wonderful project to work on, just me, 12 colors of pearl cotton, a needle, a thimble, a pair of scissors, and about 75 hours of stitching.

I wish that I had had the for site to photograph this vest when it came in the mail. I bought it on ebay and the listing said that it was a shabby chic vest.

So I imagined that it was a little rough around the edges. The pictures were not clear, so I took a chance. When I opened the package I thought to myself, “Must ask for better pictures next time!”, as it was more than just a little rough.

The red cotton of the vest had either ripped or had been torn by more than a few rough washings, most of the satin stitch embroidery had unraveled, and many of the mirrors were broken. I had my work cut out for me, to save my $4.99 investment.

I picked through my embroidery thread stash, and found some colors that I thought would liven up the vest. I started to embroider, and really just had a great time enhancing someone else’s creative stitching.

I stitched right through the lining, not worrying about burying the stitches or knots. I plan to add additional lining to the front pieces (to hide my stitches on the wrong side), and add seam binding around the collar and center edges (as the raw edges are showing).

With a little bit of imagination, you can recycle creatively, and have fun while you are doing it.

Enjoy, and see you at the thrift store! ~Christen

Days of Wine and Roses- silk ribbon embroidered vest

Days of Wine and Roses close-up

Days of Wine and Roses close-up

The inspiration for the colors of this vest came from the main fabric itself, which is from one of my favorite fabric companies, Hoffman Fabrics. The champagne-mushroom dyed background is liberally sprinkled with chocolate and rose colored ferns and leaves. I used these colors and added in a sage, celery and dark green for the ribbon worked flowers and leaves and the embroidery.

The front of the vest has a raw silk panel stitched in at a slightly off kilter diagonal angle. On either edge of the the cotton and silk seam seam run a display of whimsical floral vignettes. The ribbon worked flowers and leaves are made from a variety of new and vintage ribbons including: Hanah silk bias in 2-1/2″, 1″ and 5/8″; vintage cotton grosgrain and velvet ribbons; double sided satin ribbon; cotton and moire fabrics. The vignettes are embellished with silk ribbon embroidery in sizes 2mm, 4mm and 7mm silk ribbon. Silk and cotton threads were used for details and traditional embroidery stitches.

Days of Wine and Roses- vest

Days of Wine and Roses- vest

Happy Stitching! Christen

Aubrey’s Autumn Afternoon Vest- silk ribbon embroidery

Aubrey's Autumn Afternoon by Christen Brown

Aubrey’s Autumn Afternoon by Christen Brown

This vest is another created from the class that I teach, Renaissance of Ribbon Embroidery, using a tapestry fabric for the base of the project, and stitching in silk ribbon embroidered stitches to embellish the print.

I fell in love with this tapestry mainly because of the sunflowers, I loved the bold colorful brilliance. Unfortunately I forgot to check where the sunflowers were going to land the first time I cut out the pattern pieces, well you can probably guess where they wound up, yes big bulls eyes at breast level. So I had to re-cut the pieces, made two purses from the other pieces and learned a very expensive lesson!

Close-up of Aubrey's Autumn Afternoon

Close-up of Aubrey’s Autumn Afternoon

I used mainly 4mm silk ribbon for the stitching with silk button hole twist for the vines and details. I incorporated a few tatted flowers here and there. I also used Japan Gold thread to detail the petals of the sunflower, as you can see in the lower left hand corner of this image.

The center column of flowers was added after I realized that the pattern no longer fit me. Ugh! But I have to admit you do grow and learn from these design dilemmas!

I used vintage velvet trims, like the garnet colored one sewn down the front panel, and the garnet and green on the back of the vest. I also used several wonderful large pieces of vintage lace on the back panel.

Down the center panel and on the back of the vest I incorporated silk bias and French wire ribbon flowers with dyed fabric leaves. The front panel also has several vintage and new buttons mingled amongst the flowers with charms and other beads.

Happy Stitching! Christen

Daisy’s Gatsby Days Vest- detail of silk ribbon embroidery

Detail from Daisy's Gatsby Days

Detail from Daisy’s Gatsby Days

The title for this garment came to me as I was working with these soft pastels, which reminded me of summer dresses worn by women during the 1920’s.

This is a close-up view of one of my favorite vests, see the full view here. I wear it with a blue linen skirt, and a cream colored cotton blouse. It looks great with jeans too!

I started with a simple woven print, and embroidered silk ribbon flowers and leaves; sewed on ribbon worked flowers and leaves; and stitched traditional embroidery stitches with a variegated cotton thread; bead embellishments were added here and there as finishing touches. I used a vintage blue and yellow ribbon for the flowers and some of the 4mm silk ribbon I used was hand dyed; both elements added to the vintage look of the piece.

The techniques I used for this vest are similar to the Renaissance of Ribbon Embroidery, by using a base fabric with a floral design and embellishing it with silk ribbon embroidery.

Happy Stitching! Christen

Beribboned Vest-silk ribbon embroidery with ribbon worked flowers and leaves

Beribboned by Christen Brown

Beribboned by Christen Brown

Beribboned is a class that I teach using both silk ribbon embroidery stitches with ribbon worked flowers and leaves in small vignettes created with dyed lace appliques and sections.

I used many different sizes of silk ribbon: 2mm, 4mm, 7mm and 13mm. I also used a few snip-its here and there of a vintage ombre ribbon that was given to me by a friend (see the bow below the heart). I used Hanah silk bias ribbons in sizes 7/16″, 5/8″ and 1″; I used several sizes and types of satin ribbons and a few shear ribbons here and there.

I included vintage and new buttons, beads and charms to further enhance this piece. This is truly one of my favorite vests to wear, and I did so enjoy working on it!

Berribboned Front Heart

Beribboned Front heart

Happy Stitching! Christen

Renaissance of Ribbon Embroidery Vest: silk ribbon embroidery

Close up view of silk ribbon embroidery with ribbon worked flowers

Close up view of silk ribbon embroidery with ribbon worked flowers

This is a close up view of a vest that I made when I first started teaching silk ribbon embroidery. The class is named after the vest Renaissance of Ribbon Embroidery.

I used a tapestry base for the project because this was created as a technique class, which involves learning quite a few stitches. With the tapestry base, design was a simple issue, just embellish around the pattern that is already there.

I used many, many, many yards of 4mm silk ribbon, in fact so many I jokingly said that I could no longer afford to send my daughter to college! I used silk buttonhole twist for the feather stitch and detail stitches. I also included Japan gold for the outline of the leaves.

Satin ribbon worked flowers and leaves are also included in the floral vignettes. There are a few tatted flowers thrown in for good measure, and dyed appliques, though these techniques are not included in the class. The flowers are also embellished with fresh water pearls and semi precious beads.

Happy Stitching! Christen