Lothlorien Twilight

Lothlorien Twighlight

Lothlorien Twilight

“Lothlorien” is where Galadriel lives in J.R.R. Tolkien’s magical world. The cloaks that she and her ladies made, that were given to the “Fellowship of the Ring” were said to have been made with a cloth that reflected the leaf, branch, water and stone of this realm. I felt that the colors that I chose for this piece reflected the same thing. Hopefully the magic will be reflected here too!

embroidered center

embroidered center

The background is a vintage embroidered silk purse, probably from China. The purse itself was too delicate to be used as such, so I have tried to preserve it’s beauty, and add it to my collection of art. Each piece of embroidery is comprised of single “Peking or Chinese Knot”, incredible in itself the work that went into each piece! These were each stitched separately then attached by hand to the brown silk. The rows of gold work that attached each design had come apart so I hand stitched these back in place first before I added in my own embellishments.

Then it was time to add in some of my own work. I beaded three dragonflies that have a dentalium shell body that is beaded and wings that are beaded. I made several sets of brick stitched leaves and interspersed them through the sections of flowers. I also beaded a few vines of brick stitched leaves.


embellished and beaded center

I hand stitched several butterflies from French wire ribbon, and added dentalium shell bodies which are beaded. I also made hand stitched flowers from grosgrain ribbon that I stitched with vintage celluloid button centers. I antiqued both the flowers and butterfly bodies with copper fabric paint.

Several more flowers were made from silk bias ribbon and vintage velvet ribbon. These have beaded centers and are interspersed between the butterflies and larger flowers.

I used many vintage buttons that I have collected over the years including carved Tahiti shell, “tinnies” and celluloid which were used around the outer edges. Several new dragonfly and butterfly buttons and charms were also found to complete the theme.

Full wall hanging

Full wall hanging

I had a wonderful time collecting all of these treasures, then finding a home for them to reside.

The last item I found at Maureen’s Vintage Acquisitions was the mini quilt hanger with the dragonfly on the top! Perfection!

I hope that you enjoy what you do, have fun today and do take a look at the other entries for this challenge, they are all unique and incredible!

Happy stitching, collecting and treasure what gifts you have! Enjoy! ~Christen

11 thoughts on “Lothlorien Twilight

  1. Wow, Christen another beautiful detailed piece!
    I’m sure the Lady Galadriel would approve 🙂
    I loved reading your post as well, thank you for explaining everything.
    Gini xx

    • Thank you Gini, this was really a different blend of colors that I don’t normally work with, but when I found the passage describing the colors of the fabric, it all made sense to me.

  2. Lovely, Christen! I must show this to my daughter because she’s a great fan of Tolkien. Thanks for detailing what you did to embellish the original piece.

    • Thank you Maryanne, I am currently re-reading the series, so thoughts are fresh in my mind. I am no expert here, but my husband is and I have used his knowledge and expertise here!

  3. Wow Christen, what an heirloom you have made here, and what a wonderful inspiration from Tolkien too. It’s particularly special that you have taken a beautiful vintage piece and added your own contribution, and I love how you’ve incorporated the dragonflies!
    Great work and thanks for taking part.
    Rosie ABAA

    • Thanks Rosie for your kind words. I really enjoy your challenges, they have taken me to different places than I would normally travel to to create!

    • Thanks Linda, I love your creative challenges. When I saw the photo of your moth at tea a few weeks ago, I wished that it could live on this wall hanging!

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