Tips and Tea on Tuesdays

On Tips and Tea on Tuesdays, I will cover a topic and hopefully provide you with some tips that will be helpful! And just as an afterthought, tea may occasionally be a cup of Joe!


Tea today is lemon zinger, and two slices of my favorite carrot and zucchini bread. Last week I talked about collecting vintage cookie cutter molds. Well not to be forgotten are the other aluminum molds that you can find, like the ones pictured below. These were used for Jell-O molds or aspic molds, and probably a few other reasons I am not aware of.

Tip: Find and Re-purpose Vintage Aluminum Molds

  • Check out your local thrift store, garage sale, or eBay favorite.
  • Often you will find these grouped as a set, or you could bargain for a lower price when you buy more than one.
  • Once you have your molds at home, wash and dry them as you would any dish or baking item.
  • Then gather together your favorite treasures, fill the molds, and put them on display.
  • Smile!

Happy tea drinking and stitching to you! ~Christen

PS: If you have any questions or thoughts, just leave a comment! See Tips, Tricks, the Basics, for more helpful ideas.

5 thoughts on “Tips and Tea on Tuesdays

    • I start with a Joy of Cooking recipe, and just add zucchini and walnuts. The zucchini is really moist, so you have to pat it dry before adding it to the mixture. I will also note that you may have to increase the baking time. ~Christen

      • My Joy of Cooking with its food-stained pages and altered, sometimes dated, recipes has been with me since 1967. Only a few weeks ago, I reglued its binding and reinforced it with packing tape. It will be with me until my end.

        Thanks for the practical tip about increasing the baking time. Which recipe is the starting point?

        The molds are delightful. I continue to use the one you gave us in class for itty bitty scrap collecting.

      • Wow, my book is falling apart too, and has loads of cooking stains! Good on you to fix yours, I think that means we use our books frequently!
        I start with the Quick Carrot-Nut Bread recipe. I omit the cinnamon and vanilla due to allergies, and replace the vanilla with almond extract. I use walnuts, instead of pecans when I am adding the zucchini, and I use raw sugar instead of white sugar.
        I love collecting those molds, glad that you still have yours! ~C

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