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Tidbits and Tats: class/tutorial

Tidbits and Tats: 1 lesson/$30.00


Tidbits and Tats is my version of the popular “snip rolls”. This is a fun, fast and easy project to make for yourself or someone you love! Perfect for you to use your tiny bits of precious lace, fabric, ribbon, appliques and trims to create a hand sewn collaged base. The lace base can be embroidered and embellished with buttons, sequins and charms. You can add in your own flare with other items such as fabric yo-yo’s and ribbonwork flowers.


Skill Level Beginning: hand-sewing and embroidery knowledge needed

Class Information

This class can be purchased at any time, there is no set schedule. The class can be ordered by contacting Christen: thestoreonthecorner@gmail.com. She will send you an invoice through PayPal.

Once the class is paid for, the supply list and handout/s will be sent out.

A high-speed internet connection is recommended, and you must have basic computer and internet skills. You will need to be able know how to download and save a document to your computer’s hard drive, open it, and print out a copy.

You can contact Christen with any questions pertaining to the class/class information throughout the length of the class.

Class fees will not be refunded.

Happy Stitching! ~Christen

Gathering the Goods


Fabrics made from cotton, denim, linen, moiré, felt, and silk are all suitable for embroidered and embellished projects. Choose solid colors, subtle cotton prints, or abstract designs such as batiks or dyed fabrics.

Lace, appliques, and hankies can be used to create a design or focal point on the base fabric. Ribbons, trims, and cords can be used to create a design, or to cover a seam. These can be machine or hand-stitched to the background and used as part of the design or used to complete the edge of a project.

Embroidery threads and ribbon choices can include perle cotton (#5, #8, #13), cotton or silk floss, silk embroidery ribbon (2mm, 4mm, or 7mm), or metallic threads. Embellishments can also make a statement, such as buttons, beads, charms, sequins, and found objects. Choose as many color groups as you have for your fabric, adding in additional colors as needed. If you are working with a solid color base, then use as many color groups as you want.

How Much Do I need?

There is something to be said about having a well-stocked creative stash to work with. These components don’t go bad, and you never know what you might need! The list below will give you an idea of the amounts that I typically gather for a small 10″ – 15″ wall hanging.

  • Fabric: Small amounts like fat quarters are enough for a base however 1/2 yard or more may be required for the lining and binding.  
  • Felt squares either synthetic, wool or wool blend can be used to back a wall hanging.
  • Lace fabric and appliques: 1/4 yard of lace fabric and/or 2-10 appliques (the amount will depend on the design of the project).
  • Ribbon, lace, trim and cord yardage: 1-3 yard lengths should be sufficient (the amount will depend on the design of the project).
  • Perle cotton, floss, and/or silk embroidery ribbons: 1 ball or skein of each color in your project.
  • Seed beads sizes 6°, 8°, 11° and 15°: 1 package or tube of each color of your project.
  • Larger beads, buttons, sequins, charms and other embellishments: choose colors that compliment the project (the amounts will depend on the design of the project).


The type of stabilizer, and the amount will differ depending on the project.

Fabric Base: 100% cotton muslin is used for foundation piecing on strip and crazy pieced bases.


  • Heat-N-Bond light is used to fuse one fabric to another.
  • Misty Fuse is used to fuse a piece of lace to fabric.
  • Sheer weight, feather weight and mid weight fusible interfacing are used to create a firm background and to stabilize the fabric base.

Finishing Foundations and Fillers

  • Décor Bond is used for projects that need a thin, firm stability to hold the shape of a project.
  • fast2fuse is a double-sided fusible interfacing that comes in light, original and heavyweight versions and are used to give stability and to hold the shape of a project.
  • Poly-fil stuffing is used to give dimension to a form such as a pillow.
  • Timtex Light and Heavy are used to give stability and to hold the shape of a project.
  • Warm and Natural craft batting is used to give the fabric base a firm but softer dimension or can be added to create a padded look to the project.

Happy Stitching to you! ~Christen

PS: If you are looking for inspiration or ideas, check out my PDF Classes and books.

National Lace Day

October 1, 2022

I LOVE to work with lace, and have acquired a wonderful stash, many of the pieces were given to me by thoughtful family members and friends. A variety of techniques are used to create lace, by hand or machine, from natural or synthetic threads or yarns. The hand-made techniques use simple tools, such as a needle, wooden bobbins, crochet hook, tatting shuttle, or knitting needles, and I tend to collect these, but all lace is welcome in my home!

9″ x 10 3/4″

Creme de la Creme by Christen Brown

This is a collection of some of my favorite little scraps of lace, trims, doily bits, and pieces of a collar and cuff. I collage-pieced these bits onto a background of dupioni silk, then hand-stitched the pieces in place. The vignettes are comprised of silk ribbon embroidery floral components, groups of buttons with silk ribbon embroidery stitches, charms and other beaded components. This piece can be found in my book, The Embroidery Book, by C&T Publishing.

23 1/2″ x 19″

Girly Girls by Christen Brown

This entire collection of doilies, napkins, small serving place mats, and lace bits was given to me by friends and family members. The kid glove belonged to my grandmother, and my mother stitched the oval floral pieces. The earrings came from both of my husband’s grandmothers, and the jacquard ribbon from his mother. I collage-pieced and hand-stitched the base first, then added in the larger components, and ribbonwork flowers. The embroidery is worked with perle cotton, and beads. I also added in vintage buttons, jewelry bits, perfume vials, and and a safety pin with tea themed porcelain charms. This piece can be found in my new book, Creative Embroidery, Mixing the Old with the New, by C&T Publishing.

Photo by Felix Mayorca

Pearl’s Delight by Christen Brown

I stitched this simple jacket from a fun paisley print that I had found in a $1.00 a yard bin many, many, years ago. Every inch of the base is covered with bits of vintage machine made, tatted, and crochet lace that had been given to me by my friend Jeri. The sections of lace are embellished with ribbons, mother-of-pearl buttons and charms, freshwater pearls, glass beads, and glass pearls that came from an old necklace that belonged to my grandmother. This piece can be found in my new book, Creative Embroidery, Mixing the Old with the New, by C&T Publishing.

Here is a collection of some additional pieces that can be found in my new book, Creative Embroidery, Mixing the Old with the New, by C&T Publishing.

Happy Stitching, ~Christen

National Sewing Month

Day 24

Question: Do you like to add lace to your creations? For me that is a resounding yes! Here are a few ideas for you.

3 1/4″ x 6 3/4″

Spring Butterflies by Christen Brown

The little jewelry holder, is a perfect example of a small project that has a lot of punch. Two silk fabrics are strip-pieced together to create a base, which was then layered with vintage lace and butterfly appliques. The embroidery, which shadows the edges of the lace, is all worked in perle cotton. This project (pattern), Floral Garden Jewelry Holder, can be found in my book, Embroidered and Embellished, by C&T Publishing. Note: The design in the book is different than the one above.

This little block example is from my book, Hand Embroidery Dictionary, by C&T Publishing. It really gives you a close-up view of the stitches, that can be used when embroidering around a piece of lace or applique. The blanket and chain stitches can be worked around a curved shape with ease. Straight stitches can be used as decorative stitches worked inside small appliques. Remember to work the stitches within the open sections of the lace, or just around the outer edges. Don’t pierce the threads or stitching of the lace, as this may break down the fibers.

Sand Pebbles by Christen Brown

This piece showcases a beautiful vintage lace applique, that was stitched to a sand-colored cotton fabric. I embroidered the piece with several colors of Wildflower threads from the Caron Collection, then embellished the embroidered and lace sections with vintage and new glass beads, and jewelry findings. I bordered the outer edge with a piece of Hannah silk ribbon, and a few hand-blown glass beads. You can find this piece in my book, The Embroidery Book by C&T Publishing.

Happy Stitching, ~Christen

Creative Embroidery, Mixing the Old with the New

Sage and Cornflower

I have a new book coming out in March 2023 called Creative Embroidery, Mixing the Old with the new. The book has 17 projects: 3 Projects by Design with step-by-step instructions and 14 Stash Projects with creative ideas, and minimum instructions for using your stashed bits and precious treasures.

It includes loads of information on vintage stash items, embroidery stitches, embellishment stitches and tips on dyeing. There will be plenty of inspiration to help you create with your stashed, hoarded, and handed down bits and pieces of special treasures!

There are plenty of examples of innovative uses for all kinds of embellishments ― like lace, vintage linens and hankies, trims and ribbons, buttons of all sorts, and vintage notions ― through techniques and projects.

I just finished this piece Sage and Cornflower, which is an adaptation of one of the Projects by Design, Lace, Doilies, and Appliques. The base started as half of a stained doily, which I dyed (sage), with Colorhue dyes. The (blue) lace and rick rack trims were dyed, as well as the embroidered (ocher) lace. I embroidered the piece with Finca perle cotton, Valdani carried by Rusty Crow Quilt Shop, and a wonderful colorway called Wild Rice, by Laura Wasiloswki of Artfabriks. I embellished the piece with seed and larger glass beads; vintage glass and celluloid buttons; and brass charms.

Happy Stitching to you! ~Christen



Country Cottage Tussy Mussy

May your day be filled with everything and everyone that you love!

This is a class that I taught for Joggles. I loved working with all of the different materials, and textures which include cotton fabric, lace, grosgrain ribbon, satin ribbon, felt, crochet streamers, and vintage buttons. The vessel that the flowers are displayed in is made from a cardboard cone that has been covered with mixed media techniques.

One of the flowers that I think is the prettiest is the shabby rose. If you would like to make this flower click here.

Happy Stitching, enjoy~ Christen!

Day 26 of HEARTS! Lizbeth and Rose Marie

mixed media

art doll

Day 26 of HEARTS!

Many of you know that I love hearts! I love the shapes and all of the possibilities. Pictured here are two friends of mine that share my work space. Lizbeth is a doll that I created using a felt body and wire arms and legs, her clothing is attached almost like a paper doll. She was part of a blog challenge series called Dress-UP, check out the details of her dress for the month of February here. Rose Marie is a mixed media doll that I made from an old paint brush, cardboard packaging, plastic roses, paper mache lady bugs, vine trim, ribbonwork leaves, paper leaves, and crocheted roses that my mom made.

Happy February to you!


Day 25 of HEARTS! Mother of Pearl Button Hearts

heart shapes covered in MOP buttons

Day 25 of HEARTS!

Many of you know that I love hearts! I love the shapes and all of the possibilities. You may also know that I love buttons, all buttons, I can’t get enough of buttons. The first three pictures are of the brooches from my Vintage at Heart class. The last picture is a wreath that I made using a vintage embroidered lace collar, vintage velvet leaves, and yes heart shapes covered in mother of pearl buttons. So grand to be able to use these treasures and enjoy them.

Happy February to you!


Day 16 of HEARTS! Beribboned Heart

Day 16 of HEARTS!

Many of you know that I love hearts! I love the shapes and all of the possibilities. This is a close-up view of the front of my vest titled “Beribboned”. The vest is covered in lace applique hearts that are encrusted in silk and satin ribbonwork flowers and leaves, and silk ribbon embroidery.

Happy February to you!


Day 14 of HEARTS! Red Roses

Day 14 of HEARTS!

Many of you know that I love hearts! I love the shapes and all of the possibilities. This is one of my favorite pieces, it is called Red Roses, and is a sample from my class Hankies and Lace. This piece represents 4 generations of love, the handkerchiefs were from my grandmother and my mother, the various treasures came from here and there, and sitting pretty in the middle of everything is my darling Gwen, the white and red lady bug. Happy Valentine’s Day to all who love hearts!

Happy February to you!