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International Fall Quilt Festival


I am excited to announce that I will be teaching again at the Fall International Quilt Festival, held in Houston, Texas. This is the 40th year that the show has been held, and let me tell you, this will be an exciting event! Click the banner above or here for the link to class signups.


Note: Click the “Classes” link for each day; a PDF of the full class listings will open. Click the class itself, and many classes have project photos that you can see. Click on the title to see if one is available. For my classes I have linked the picture to the class.

Wednesday, October 29: Classes

I will be teaching Tandletons- Traditional Embroidery Stitches” and Fabrics to Dye For”.

Thursday, October 30: Classes

I will be teaching the Button Nose Pansy brooch”; Mixed Media Miscellany seminar I will be giving a presentation on  “Creatively Collaged Concoctions”.

Friday, October 31: Classes

Friday’s Sampler seminar I will be giving a presentation on “What’s in your Button Box?”; and teaching “Bohemian Button Bracelet”.

Saturday, November 1: Classes

Saturday’s Sampler seminar I will be giving a presentation on “All That Glitters”; and teaching “Ribbons To Dye For”.

I hope to see you there!

Happy Stitching, ~Christen


Glance from my work table

work tableWell I have been busy with small projects, finishing up pieces that were set aside so that I could finish other projects. This is the piece that I am currently working on.

small works

As I work, I often pull out finished pieces, so that I can remind myself how I worked out colors, or stitches on other projects. So I have lined the back of my work table with some of the smaller works that I have finished.

small worksI am currently finishing up the photography for my third book, and as you can see, getting ready to propose another title.

Happy Stitching to all, ~Christen

View From The Red Planet….

I found time to clean up the work room, and came across several small projects that have been waiting to be completed. So I hope to dedicate the next few months to completing some of these.

This is the first project, made from left-overs bits of this and that from a class that I teach, “Embellished Silk Treasures”.

The base is made from split silk cocoons, which were adhered to Lutrador, then machine embellished with gold threads. This was then embellished further with bits of painted vilene, fabric circles. A few embroidery and beading stitches enhance the components.

view from the redplanet

Happy Stitching to all! ~Christen

San Diego Quilt Show 2014: BEBE by Christen Brown- cancelled

Unfortunately this class has been cancelled!

Beginning Embroidery with Bead Embellishment: BEBE

by Christen Brown

I will be teaching this two-day class for the San Diego Quilt Show on Wednesday, September 3, 2014 and Thursday September 4, 2014. The class runs from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, and is held at the San Diego Convention Center.

Beginning Embroidery with Bead EmbellishmentThis is a great introductory class to traditional embroidery stitches with the added flare and dazzle that only seed beads can add. A variety of stitches are included that will be used in each separate embroidered design, a Base Stitch, a Design Stitch, and an Embellished Stitch. Additional embellishments will also be covered such as adding in buttons, sequins, large beads and charms. You can use a pre-made simple strip-pieced base, or a crazy pieced block in class to work the embroidered designs off of.

Beginning Embroidery with Bead EmbellishmentFirst Day: The first part of the lesson will cover the embroidery basics: the variety of threads that can be used and the different needles that these require. Also discussed will be the Embellishments such as seed beads, buttons and other components. Christen’s simple color theory on how to successfully use these will also be shared. The second part of the lesson will be devoted to demonstrating the Base Stitches. These include the feather stitch, the chain stitch, the buttonhole stitch, the fern stitch, the herringbone stitch and the outline stitch.

Beginning Embroidery with Bead EmbellishmentSecond Day: This first part of the lesson will cover the Design Stitches, which will be added to the Base Stitches. These include the lazy daisy, the bullion tipped lazy daisy, the fly stitch, the pistol stitch, the French knot, woven star, and the Chinese knot. The second part of the lesson will be devoted to the Embellished Stitches. These include the seed beads in a combination of designs; the charms and the buttons.

This is a great opportunity for me, as I have not taught this class locally. I hope to see you all there!

Happy Stitching ~Christen

Kitten Kaboodles!!! New Class

OMG!!!!! I am having way, I mean way too much fun. I was working away in my room, THE room, and I found these glass eyes, and decided that they looked like the eyes of my cat Butch. So I made a pattern, and created this small face of him, and I take him when I am off on a trip, that way he is with me always.

buddyThen I started to play around with bodies, and shapes and well it got really, really fun! I created these three examples of what kind of trouble you can get into when the creative muse goes wild.

Kitten KaboodlesHere are the Kitten Kaboodles, I am teaching them for Joggles.com starting April 11, 2014.

ChesterChester: 4″ tall x 3 3/4″ wide (not including hat)

charlieCharlie: 3 3/4″ tall x 4″ wide

felixFelix: 2 3/4″ tall x 2 3/8″ wide

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy! ~Christen

Road To California- January 2014

I will be teaching at Road To California this coming January, for three days! Yeah!!! Here are the classes:

Hanky PankyFriday #5002 Hanky Panky

This project combines lovely vintage handkerchiefs with cotton prints and satin ribbons. The hankies will be your focal point, with the embroidery and detailed edges as part of the design. Add in some vintage buttons to give to complete the project. This class will focus on the embroidery techniques illustrated in my book Embroidered and Embellished by C&T Publishing.

Garden of HeartsSaturday #6002 Garden of Hearts

These tiny pieced hearts are a perfect background for these beautiful silk ribbon embroidery stitches. These lovely hearts could also be used as an ornament, a brooch or a small pillow. This class will focus on the embroidery techniques illustrated in my book Embroidered and Embellished by C&T Publishing.

Ribbonwork Gardens

#7002 Ribbon Work Gardens

This is a basic introduction to ribbonwork, using the techniques included in my book Ribbonwork Gardens by C&T Publishing. The flowers that will be covered are the Rosette, Posy, Shutterbug Petals, Folded Petals, U-gather Petals, Bias Loop Petals and Ruched Petals.

Here is a link to the Road To California Blog where I was interviewed in a Faculty Spotlight.

Hope to see you there! Happy Stitching! ~Christen

New Jewels and Stuff

I have been working on some new pieces and thought that I would share my treasures!

blackandcoralThis ensemble started with the earrings, which I found at the Goodwill Store, they were .99. Many years later I found the bracelet on eBay, it was a bit more, $22.99. I started searching for a necklace or something to go with my ensemble, and I found these vintage (new/old stock) glass cabs, with a two-hole channel on the back. I searched for a while longer to find the right beads (all new). The bracelet to the right uses vintage glass sew-through beads with vintage buttons and new glass beads.

coins and chainThis necklace started with the big link chain that is used in the lower portion of the necklace. My friend Phred gave me some smaller lengths of chain to “play with” which I wove through the big links. I then used old coins that had  holes in the middle; I inserted vintage livery buttons into the holes. I then inserted a jump ring into the shank of the button, and attached each coin/button combo to a link in the chain. I added a smaller chain to extend the necklace. I found the earrings, made from vintage American coins on eBay.

cats meowThis is called “Cat’s Meow”, of course! The base of the necklace is made from a picot edge grosgrain ribbon that has been stitched and embellished with a silk rouleau cord. I started collecting cat buttons after I found these fabulous enamel earrings. The larger cat faces are made from papier mache,  the other buttons include plastic, metal and glass. I have a charm bracelet with silver and gold colored cats.

chain linkThis necklace started with bits of left over chain (some given to me by my buddy Phred) in all shapes, metal colors and sizes. I linked the lengths together to make one length for a necklace. I then found all sorts of charms in silver, copper and antique brass colors. These I added at intervals to the chains, in a random-ish pattern (meaning the necklace is balanced but the charms rest on different portions of chain).

buddyBuddy, started with two antique glass doll eyes. I just fell in love with the brown color, and wanted to make a cat face. So I drew a few samples and this is the image that I came up with. He rests at 2-1/2″ wide x 2-1/2″ tall. He is made from synthetic felt, and is embroidered with cotton floss.

Thanks for stopping by! ~Christen

International Quilt Festival Houston 2013

FQF13WebButtonTeachersI am lucky enough to be teaching again this year at the International Quilt Festival Houston 2013. This is an exciting and creative even, that people from all over the world attend! Here are the classes that I will be teaching:


Mixed Media Miscellany October 31, 2013: Creatively Collaged Concoctions

I will demonstrate how to create your own fabric base and appliqués using Solvy, bits of this and that, your sewing machine and your imagination. There are three demos, the Solvy Sandwich, Fabric and Solvy Sandwich, and Lace and Ultra Solvy Sandwich.

ribbonClass The Silk Experience Friday November 1, 2013: Ribbons to Dye For

This is a great class for the beginner, or intermediate student who wants to add dyeing and over-dyeing techniques to her repertoire. Nine simple tying, folding, pinning and stitching techniques are combined with several simple dyeing techniques to create interesting and unique patterns. Once you work with these self-setting dyes, nothing white will ever be safe again!

embroideredwithloveClass Embroidered with Love Saturday November 2, 2013

These lovely little ornaments are perfect for any holiday or gift from the heart! There are five designs made from felt using a few basic embroidery stitches from my book Embroidered and Embellished.

beadedtandletonssmallClass Sunday November 3, 2013: Beaded Tandletons

These little beaded beauties are just fun to make. They start with a form made from silk ribbon that is tightly stuffed. Then beads, and more beads are stitched in rows around the form. They can be made into a pin or a button.

I will also be demonstrating a few of my Decorative Trims at the Friday Morning Sampler.

Can’t wait! Hope to see you all there!

Happy Stitching~ Christen

Tandleton Rose Bracelet

silk ribbon, embroidery, braceletsThis is a new class that I am teaching today, and next Tuesday for Joggles.com. The base of each embroidered button is made from Hanah silk bias ribbon, then embroidered with YLI silk embroidery ribbon.

Tandleton RosesThis weeks class is all about making the ribbon bases. This is a sample of the three different roses that the students have to chose from.

Happy Stitching to all! ~enjoy Christen

Embroidered and Embellished Samplers

My new book Embroidered and Embellished is divided into the four categories of embroidery that I work in. At the beginning of each chapter I have included a sampler which utilizes all of the stitches included in the chapter.

Traditioanl Embroidery Sampler

silk ribbon embroidery sampler

raised and textured embroidery sampler

bead embroidery samplerEach of the embroidery chapters offers two projects, one small and one large. Quite a bit of thought went into each project. The small projects are designed so that the beginning student will get a feel for the art form, and still be able to accomplish something in a relatively short period of time. The larger projects were designed for those who have more experience, and are accustomed to a project that will take more time to complete.

A gallery section has also been included, with many pieces both large and small.

If you have purchased the book, and like it I would appreciate it if you could write a review on Amazon or C&T Publishing website.

Thank you and Happy Stitching, enjoy~Christen