National Sewing Month

Day 5

Question: Do you like to recycle old clothing, or use something in an unexpected way?

Country Hearts 1, 2

The base for each of these small wall hangings started with a pair of old jeans. The heart shape is cut from an old birdcage cover, that my mom made for our parakeet Tweetie. There is a hand-dyed piece of lace shaped as a vine on each, and all of the flowers are made from Hannah Silk bias ribbons. Additional embroidery was worked with silk embroidery ribbon.

Blue Jean Pockets

These two pockets came from that same pair of jeans. I embellished both with crochet appliques that my mom had made. The first has a rococo trim, ribbonwork flowers, buttons and additional tatted flowers. The second has ribbonwork flowers and leaves, and vintage glass buttons.

For information on making your own ribbonwork components, see my books Ribbonwork Gardens, and Ribbonwork Flowers, by C&T Publishing.

Happy Stitching~Christen

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