Stitch Along Sampler Week- Day 1

The Hand Embroidery Dictionary/ Lazy Daisy and Chain Stitches

Everything embroidery bundled into one helpful how-to guide! The book breaks down 500+ stitches from the basics for beginners to more complex designs for advanced stitchers.

  • Learn how to choose tools, threads, and embellishments
  • Basic stitch guides explain accurate placement to help you achieve the perfect stitch
  • Each stitch includes a stitched sample, instructions and in most cases illustrations
  • Learn how to change the position of the stitch and use the distance between points to change the look of the stitch
  • Tips and instructions for left-handed embroiderers

There are 16 groups of stitches which include straight, outline, knotted, woven, and whipped, lazy daisy, chain, barb, blanket and buttonhole, fly, feather, fleet, cretan, cross, herringbone, capped, chevron, and embellishment stitches.

Today we are going to cover lazy daisy and chain stitches.

Lazy Daisy Stitches

These individual stitches can be used as a single stitch, combined to create a border row, or added to another stitch to create a larger component.

The basic stitch is formed by coming up at point A and then, in one motion, going down at point B and coming up at point C, which catches the loop formed by points A and B. The stitch would end with a point D.

Chain Stitches

These continuous stitches can be used for a border row or to create a shape. After the stitch is formed, individual stitches can be added to the tips or around the base to create a larger design.

The basic stitch is formed by coming up at point A and then, in one motion, going down at point B and coming up at point C, which catches the loop formed by points A and B. Point C becomes point A for the following stitch. The stitch is work continuously and would end at point D.

Artists and Samplers

I asked several friends to be involved in the Stitch Along Week posts. I selected 10 stitches and broke them into 5 groups. Each participant chose one group to work with, stitching a sampler or block in any colors or fibers that they wanted to work with.

Liz Aneloski, Artist, Author, Editor C&T Publishing

In my work life, I’m an editor at C&T Publishing, so I’m always surrounded by creativity. I love to stitch; quilting, embroidery . . . whatever.  I’m happiest when I have a needle and thread in my hand. I took on Christen’s sampler challenge to make Garden Gate and enjoyed every minute. 

I used the following stitches:

  • Lazy daisy stitch: page 60
  • Iris stitch: page 64
  • Russian chain stitch: page 63
  • Chain stitch: page 67
  • Chain stitch whipped: page 67
  • Chain stitch spiny: page 69
  • Chain stitch twisted: page 69
  • Chain stitch open tip: page 68
  • Running stitch: page 49
  • French knot stitch: page 54

Judy Gula, Artist, Artistic Artifacts

I am a mixed media fiber artist and creator of Artistic Artifacts. My sample was created using Artistic Artifacts Indian Hand dyed cotton and WonderFil #8 pearl cotton.

Stitches used were:

  • Top: Lazy daisy with bullion tip stitch, lazy daisy with bullion, lazy daisy with French knot stitch, lazy daisy side by side, bumblebee stitch
  • Right: lazy daisy, lazy daisy stitch offset base, lazy daisy with pistil stitch, chain stitch
  • Bottom: Lazy daisy double, berry stitch, lazy daisy stitch crossed, 3-petal lazy daisy stitch flower, dragonfly stitch
  • Left: Lazy daisy stitch twisted base, lazy daisy square tip base, lazy daisy plaited stitch, lazy daisy heart stitch

Christen Brown, Artist, Author, Teacher

I used a variety of lazy daisy and chain stitches with French knot stitches for details. The cotton sampler is framed in a 6” embroidery hoop. The stitches are worked in perle cotton #8, #12, and #70 tatting cotton. The threads were from Fiber on a Whim, Caron Collection, Presencia, Anchor, and DMC.

Thank you to each of the participants of the Stitch Along Week! Everyone created a unique piece, that reflects their own style. I am so grateful to each and every one of these artists!

Happy Stitching to you all! ~Christen

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