Tips and Tea on Tuesdays

On Tips and Tea on Tuesdays, I will cover a topic and hopefully provide you with some tips that will be helpful! And just as an afterthought, tea may occasionally be a cup of Joe!

Tea today will be Stash Wild Black Current, after I finish this post. The bone china cup, the tea pocket, and the teaspoon with roses on the handle, were gifts from a previous Tea on Tuesday group! As I was admiring my “Mintons” tea-cup, I noticed that it was similar to this plate that I had purchased at AM Vets many years ago. The maker label is hard to make out but it says The Rowland, Staffordshire and has the initials RMS in the middle.

When I first started collecting china bits I just bought what I could afford and liked, not worrying if they matched anything. I usually make a trip once a month perusing my local thrift stores, giving myself a spending limit of $20.00. As I rummage through the bins, drawers, and shelves, I let the muse strike me, letting the array of items speak for themselves. I also like to check out eBay, and am often found searching for goodies, for way too many hours! On one of my searches, I just typed in china, and to my surprise I came up with doll parts and pieces. Well now I had a new hobby, and had fun searching for the pieces and other parts below.

Tips: Re-purposing Unexpected Bits

Today’s tip is all about re-purposing broken or discarded doll parts in a fun way. Gather together a collection of ribbonwork flowers and leaves, lace, trims, and additional ephemera. Use a strong glue like E600, to glue all of the pieces together.

Note: Glue the pieces together in a well-ventilated area, let dry for at least 24 hours. I leave any glued item like this in the garage until the strong glue order has dissipated.

  1. Find, or make a pincushion, then glue a doll head to the top. Glue ribbonwork flowers around the neck, to hide the edge.
  2. Find a doll arm, then fill the opening with ribbonwork flowers and leaves attached to florest wire.
  3. Find a spool of thread (mine was a bit dirty, but that just added to the quirkiness); glue a doll head to the top. Glue the top of a salt shaker to her head for a hat.

Free Pincushion Instructions: Please feel download this free PDF. This is a basic pincushion, but I have given you suggestions on how to insert a doll head at the top. Please note that this is a gift to you, and should not be used to teach a class, sold, or to make a profit from. ~CJB

I was laughing with my husband one day, at how absurd my job must seem to others! He works so many hours outside of the house to bring home the “bacon” and I work 15 hours never leaving the house and occasionally play with dolls….. Somehow it doesn’t seem fare, but he doesn’t complain, and I am really lucky to be able to do what I truly love. Hope that is the case for all of you as well….

Happy tea drinking and stitching to you! ~Christen

PS: If you have any questions or thoughts, just leave a comment! See Tips, Tricks, the Basics, for more helpful ideas.

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