Earth Day 2023: UpCYcLe IT

I have always been an advocate for re-purposing and turning something old, and worn, and forgotten into a new treasure, I have a lecture (with handout) on Creative Spark, Upcycle It with Embellishments that shows you many examples of ways that you can rescue, update and revive your own wardrobe.

And why not do this yourself, with your wardrobe? What better way to honor Earth Day, and be creative at the same time? Here are a few pieces of mine that I have updated, embellished, and refreshed.

Phred’s Jean Jacket

My friend Phred, created this jacket from 6 or 7 pairs of jeans that he found at several different thrift stores. He made this jacket in the 70’s. At some point he gave it to me, and it has been worn at various times, by both myself and my daughter. As you can imagine the raw edges of the jeans had frayed through the years. So I sat down one week, and trimmed off all the frayed edges, and then repaired any rips that had occurred. I then took 2 colors of perle cotton #5, and hand-stitched a running stitch around the edge of each square. I added in some white vintage buttons, and a few corsages that I made from old ties. VOILA a star was re-born.

Shabby Chic Jean Purse

This is a jean purse that I just loved, I used it over and over again. But at some point, the brass findings had left rust spots on the purse. I cut off the tabs that the findings had been attached to, and pulled out my box of vintage crochet doilies. And then I got busy! I added in rosettes made from lace and ribbons, large ruched flowers made from denim strips, zipper roses, crochet flowers, and buttons.

Old Rose Corsages

These corsages are made from vintage silk ties, so get to rummaging through your stash, and get busy! I have included instructions in the lecture handout on how to make a version of the one on at the top right of the picture

Millifiori Jewelry Ensemble

This jewelry ensemble represents many hours spent on eBay, looking for all of the vintage parts and pieces to complete the group. I strung the necklace with new and vintage glass and metal beads. I just love how all of the colors pop when worn with the jacket.

If you would like to learn more about re-purposing and updating your wardrobe, see my lecture, (with handout) on Creative Spark, Upcycle It with Embellishments.

Happy Stitching! ~Christen

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