Bearie Antoinette’s Hat

Bearie Antoinette

Bearie Antoinette

My dad always wore a paper bag on his head when he worked on the car, couldn’t mess up his look or get grease on those locks! It was a great hat, and as time wore on it really acquired a lovely patina…. So I thought about taking a long not so wide paper bag and try to make my own cool hat.

I had in mind the height of something similar to the wigs that Marie Antoinette wore. So I began crunching, munching and scrunching the bag into shape.

The next step was to add bits of lace pieces to cover the entire hat. These pieces were a gift from a relative, but were a little on the grungy side, so actually perfect for this project. I stitched the lace into place with crochet cotton. I also stitched the brim and the top of the hat.

Then I painted the lace and bits of bag that showed with four different colors of acrylic paints, I sealed the paint, then added Lumiere paints on top of this to finish off the coloring.

hat close-up

hat close-up

I embellished the top and the brim with ric-rac and vintage mother of pearl buttons. I added in a bow made from French wire ribbon for the decoration. This I embellished with a few flowers and leaves that I also stitched from French and satin wire ribbons.

The teddy bear was a long ago crib-mate of mine. Then I was not so concerned with names, hence the easy to remember “Bearie”. I think I was more concerned with comfort than conversation. At one point I must have been very naughty though, because she only has one ear! OOps I feel really bad about that!

Bearie Antoinette

Bearie Antoinette

The tatted baby bonnet could also be considered a hat of sorts. I purchased this a few months ago at an antique shop. I changed the cord that is used to tie the hat around the neck. I stitched several silk ribbon roses with ombre ribbon leaves and stitched these around the hat.

The collar that she is wearing is made from French wire ribbon that I ruched. The ribbon flowers are made from vintage Jacquard ribbon and these are decorated with vintage mother of pearl buttons.

I hope that you, the viewer, are not offended and don’t mind that I used Marie Antoinette as a model here for the “look”.

Enjoy! ~Christen

8 thoughts on “Bearie Antoinette’s Hat

  1. Well, first of all I am trying to stop chuckling to myself about your Dad and his paper hat!! A paper bag with patina – now there’s something to think about. I love it. Then we come to your art. It is truly amazing and beautiful. I can’t believe the work you have put into it. Well, I can really because the result is there to see. Fantastic work. Take a bow because I am sending you a standing ovation.

  2. This is an incredible hat. That it started as a paper bag just boggles my mind. Beautifully done! Like Marie, I smile at the image of your dad in his patina’d bag/hat working on the car.

  3. I’m still chuckling over the image of your Dad wearing the bag with patina! LOL However, I’m gushing and drooling over your beautiful chapeau! Marie Antoinette would be proud to own such a gorgeous creation! Fabulous work! Hugs, Terri

  4. Well what an exquisite hat, totally unique and lovely. Bravo for all the work that went into your beautiful creation.

  5. What a superb creation for Bearie, Christen! Absolutely exquisite, as is your Green Gardens triptych. You remind me of Sandra Evertson – you put so much detail into your creations! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog… much appreciated.

  6. Absolutely delightful and SO much fun Christen! The colors and textures are gorgeous too! What a fab take on the theme!
    My creation is still in my head, may not make it out in time …

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