Friday’s Favorites: Chaos and Order

Chaos and Order

Chaos and Order

Well pictures are worth a thousand words if you get my meaning…. I am a really organized person, but for some reason cannot keep items like embroidery floss or ribbon neat and organized. Buttons and beads on the other hand, no problem!

I think that I really like the chaos of the bird tangled spidery web mess of thread because you can see how colors blend together in combinations that you might not have originally thought of on your own.

I organize and touch the buttons or beads when I need to have a little quiet time in my head. I love to see the shapes and colors, and I imagine what the button may have originally been stitched to before I found it.

So in my every day organized and structured art, I love to work with chaos as a creative element. Where as in my unstructured chaotic work and career I need to be able to organize and capture moments of peace and serenity.

What “sweet and sour” dichotomy do you find that works best for you? Christen

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