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Embroidery Stencils The Essential Collection

Embroidery Stencils the Essential Collection


Throughout the over 25 years of teaching I have found that a little help now and then is a good thing. I encourage my students to use erasable marking pens, rulers, circle templates and more in the classes that I teach on embroidery students.

I realized that it would be useful for people to have a collection of templates that goes beyond the basic straight lines, circles and squares.

I designed this collection of 4 easy-to-use stitch templates to be used for crazy-quilting and embroidery. You can create an endless number of unique designs to embroider: hearts, flowers, baskets, butterflies, spiderwebs, vines, feather stitches, and more. The 4 compact stencils come with a handy storage pouch and fit nicely into your sewing kit.

These templates are laser-cut durable, translucent, medium-weight plastic which are easy to handle and create perfect markings every time. Perfect for crazy-quilting projects–flexible, see-through templates make it easy to see your fabric and seams and perfectly position your design!

The 16-page how-to instruction booklet offers ideas and tips on how to use the templates.  This provides you with the confidence in where and how to make your stitches, while the decorative and inventive designs add an unexpected creative element.

Happy Stitching, ~Christen