Moonshadows: TTM challenge



This is my entry for The Three Muses challenge this week which is Moonstruck. I used the song by Cat Stevens as inspiration and many years of gazing up and greeting the man in the moon.

I drew, doodled and mused with five sizes of Sharpie and Prisma pens. What fun, I felt like I was back in high school. I think that I channeled the Grateful Dead poster artists, Peter Max and for that matter the entire groovy “60’s culture here.

Happy day, Moonies…Christen

14 thoughts on “Moonshadows: TTM challenge

  1. This is amazing, and you are aptly named 1CreativeOne! I’m a lover of zentangles, and this is the most intricate and engaging one I’ve seen. Standing ovation from my corner!!

  2. WOW Christen, Love your doodling, the minute I read Moonshadow, the Cat Stevens song popped into my head…I’m being followed by a moon shadow…moon shadow….moon shadow
    thanks for a sweet song for tonite’s sleep!

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