Friday’s Favorites: Old Friends and New Friends

Sorry that this post is late, I have been busy and have not had the time to take proper pictures of my favorites. So to make up for the past two weeks, I have posted one before this, and will be on time for tomorrow!

old friends

old friends

Dolls, I think that all of us have a favorite or two, some may even have been around as long as we have, longer in some cases. This is a group photograph of my oldest friends. They have all been with me these many years, some have faired better than others, but no matter because they certainly don’t mention the pieces and parts of me that have not faired well!

The little Swedish girl actually was handed down to me by my grandmother Ellen Matilda. It was a gift given to her by my dad when he went on a holiday to Europe. My teddy was a crib gift from my other grandmother Evelyn. The little boy was a gift from my godmother Aunt Murt (her middle name was given to me as my middle name). The troll doll came to me much later, perhaps I was eight or nine. I tried out some of my very first fashion designs on her, and she is why I decided to go to school for fashion design.

Pretty good friends wouldn’t you say?

new friends

new friends

This is a group of a few of my new friends, they can all be seen here in my gallery “Dolls of Distinction”. These are all dolls that I have designed and created with a pillow or two peeping out from here and there. The dolls as shown are:

  • Tatiana: Queen of the Butterfly Fairies (her wings are pinned on in case she wishes to take them off and go out incognito).
  • The fuchsia and green doll next to her is Beatrice, she is bejeweled and resplendent in vintage kimono fabrics. A wand full of dolls rests behind her.
  • Lady Rose sits next to her, in prim and proper red and white. She is comprised of several pieces of crochet both hearts and roses that my mom had made.
  • Next to her is Madame de Bezornak, a retired fortune teller who spent her savings on clothing and jewels. In retrospect it probably should have been bo-tox and plastic surgery.
  • Next to her is the Court Jester. It is said that often the doll maker designs the dolls she makes after her own likeness. Well looking at this squatty little body and jiggly arms… hmmm could be some truth to that!
  • Above him is the Magic Angel, she is made from the same pattern as Beatric e,which was designed after the nesting doll shape.
  • Below the Jester is the Duchess of the Danforth, she is made in memory of my grandmother Evelyn, a grand Dame if there ever was one! She would wear a marvelous hat and her mink stole, but she would never ever wear blue velvet shoes with orange stockings!

If you love to make dolls and are interested in a unique and fun doll, I have just designed a doll CuddleNots for which is on the schedule for the end of September.

Hope that you too can count your old and new friends, and recall warm memories! Good wishes and thoughts to you, Christen.

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