Narcissus Noire

Narcisus Noire

Narcissus Noire

I chose the name Narcissus Noire, because the coloring of the paper, the buttons and the ribbon reminded me of an old black and white movie. I also chose the name because it was my grandmother’s favorite perfume, (Black Narcissus) which I wore for many years also.

The bracelet is made from cardboard tube left over from a spool of ribbon. I covered the cardboard base with an ornately decorated vintage piece of sheet music. I then added strips cut from an old Valentine’s Day card, and strips from a piece of art paper left over from my last project.

I painted in splashes of color with gray and black acrylic paints and added swirls with silver Lumiere paints. When this was dry I glued on vintage celluloid buttons and hand blown glass beads. These I decorated with more silver paint.

braceletThe inside of the bracelet is covered in the same sheet of music, and circles cut from the art paper.

The pin base is a piece of cardboard cut from the top of the spool of ribbon. I painted a piece of sheet music with mod podge tinted with black dye. I used this to cover the cardboard base.

I stitched this ribbon rosette from a French wire ribbon with the same coloring as the buttons. I touched up the ribbon and the glass button center with silver paint. The stem of the flower is made from vintage glass leaves which are also sprinkled amongst the silk ribbon cord.

The old silk tie I liberated from the box that my husband puts the ties in that he no longer wears and I will probably make a neck- piece to go with the rest of the set.

Happy creating, pasting, gluing, and getting sticky! Enjoy! ~Christen

11 thoughts on “Narcissus Noire

  1. Well, my chin is on my shoe tops! What absolutely lovely and exquisite creations! Thank you so much for taking us on the art journey to create them, and thank you for bringing your talent to our challenge!

  2. Well, I was just bowled over by your blue and brown piece for MMM and without having the time to pick myself up I now see your superb “black narcissus” pieces. I am so impressed. Wonderful, wonderful work.

  3. I love these pieces and I think the idea of using the left over ribbon spool is a great. I also love the name. I’ve loved black flowers, real and imagined, for years. I always have to plant some in the garden.

  4. Oh my these are absolutely stunning thank you so much for bringing them to our challenge. Much kudos to you my friend.

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