Cranberry Craze Purse: bead embroidery

Cranberry Craze- by Christen Brown

Cranberry Craze- by Christen Brown

This purse is a sample from my bead embroidery class Beadazzled Somemore. The beads are added to the fabric in a free form peyote stitch, attached at intervals throughout the beading process. Traditional embroidery stitches were also used to attach some of the beads.

The base fabric is a cotton batik by Hoffman Fabrics. The glass seed beads I used are in sizes 6, 8, 11, and 15 in round, square, bugle and triangle shapes. I also used vintage glass buttons; novelty leaf and butterfly shaped beads; rondelles; and vintage sequins.

Back of Purse

Back of Purse

Happy and Joyous Stitching! Christen

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