Embroidery Stencils, Crazy Quilt Seam Design Collection

I love to embroider, and not a day goes by without me taking a stitch. It has been suggested that engaging your hands and mind in a repetitive motion like stitching or knitting will calm your mind. Much like sitting with a kitty, or two on your lap. Both are much appreciated pastimes!

I have been lucky enough in my lifetime to have been able to pass on my knowledge and love for this beautiful art-form, through teaching in-person, on-line, and through my books. I think that the most often questions students ask is where to start, and how to achieve a perfect stitch.

I answered the first question, where to start with my first two embroidery stencil sets. The first set, Embroidery Stencils, Essential Collection has 90 designs, the second Embroidery Stencils, Darling Motif Collection has 100+. Each set is different, and the two collections include designs for vines, motifs, bugs, flowers, an alphabet, and more.

I answered the second question, how to achieve a perfect stitch with this new set, Embroidery Stencils, Crazy Quilt Seam Design Collection. There are 90 stencils to help you achieve the perfect stitch for your embroidery stitches, and the directions for those stitches in the booklet that accompanies the set.

You and your imagination will be able to create an endless array of seam designs, and motif ideas with these stencils. These designs can be used on your crazy-piece, strip-piece, and whole-cloth embroidered creations.

The set includes four, 4” x 8” templates, made from durable and translucent plastic, which makes it easy to see the seams and fabric underneath. There are clear instructions in the 16-page how-to booklet, including instructions for the stitches, which makes this perfect for both beginners and seasoned stitchers.

The templates are designed for the following stitches and their variations of those stitches: backstitch, straight stitch, blanket stitch, cretan stitch, fern stitch modern, feather stitch, cross stitch, cross stitch row, chevron stitch, herringbone stitch, lazy daisy stitch, fly stitch, and French knot stitch. Note: Left-handed embroiderers can flip template 1-3 over, for the left-handed version of the stitch.

For directions on making a CQ block like the one pictured at the beginning of the article, you can download this free handout. The handout provides you with a template design, and instructions for making an 8” x 8” crazy-pieced block. I have also included the directions for the embroidery seam designs that I used on the block.

Happy Stitching to you!


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Watch the introductory YouTube video, How to get perfect crazy quilting seam designs every time.

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