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Tea on Tuesday: Flowers and the Sea

lemon zinger tea

Lemon Zinger and Sunflowers


Good morning, to you I hope that you are enjoying your tea today! I am sipping ” Lemon Zinger”  from this lovely cup of daffodils! I have a real soft spot for the Celestial Seasonings teas, perhaps it is the creative packaging? Or is it that they are earth friendly and conscious of their products? Or perhaps it is that every tea I have tried I like?


Bougainvillea monster


This week we worked a little in the yard, as you can see it was time to cut down this bush a bit, because it was hard to walk around the yard. It is a lovely color though, and one of my favorites. We also have a two magenta and two apricot colored bushes.

yellow rose

last of the yellow roses

This is the last of the roses for this year I think. When we first moved in I wanted to have roses all along the fence, but after reading up on the maintenance we opted for two bushes. These pretty much have to fend for themselves because we are “occasional gardeners”, oh well they don’t seem to mind too much!


light house

Point Loma Light House


We took a drive over to the Point Loma Lighthouse on Sunday, very beautiful day, a little hazy but still lovely. This is actually the newer lighthouse, the older one was under repair and I didn’t want to take a picture of it with all of the scaffolding around it. If you are at all familiar with the movie “Top Gun” you will recognize the houses here as where Tom Skerrit lived. The movie was shot in and around San Diego.

ocean view

ocean view


I will leave you with this peaceful scene, and hope that this vast openness brings you the calm that it always gives me.

Happy Tea Today, join the others over at Kimmie’s!