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“T”ea on Tuesday: Urban ARt

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Today I am the hostess for Kimmie’s “T”ea on Tuesday, and I have picked Urban Art for our theme. I have taken pictures of buildings, cell phone towers, electrical boxes and even a few cars that I feel fit the description of this form of creative expression. All of these images were taken within a two-mile radius of my home.

urban art collageHere are a few cell phone towers and electrical boxes from around town, each side is usually different. The “lady” in the middle is a bit scary, I don’t want to meet her in person!

urban art collage


urban art collageThese images are painted along the building below. This is a lighting and stage paint manufacturer with a small costume design firm on the end.

urban art collage

I love to get stuck at the light because I can take a closer look at this incredible building!

urban art collageLove the cars, in fact the VW bus was a high point in my day when I worked for an extremely demanding boss. John overlooks a head shop and liquor store, and presumably the patrons.

urban art

These images overlook a large patch of weeds next to a busy road, they look interested….

urban art collageThese are from two fabulous round buildings, that are entirely painted with colorful images. The first is a cultural arts building, and right next to it is the World Beat Center where you can take dance lessons. Usually there is an activity going on every weekend, and when you drive by you see lots of happy people.

urban art collageThis festive brick wall just makes your day! It leads up to a group of small bungalows.

urban art collageThis is a group of cell towers and mechanical boxes (for what use I have no idea). Most of the boxes around town are decorated, I believe that the city contracted the local college to have art students choose a box and paint it. I don’t know if this is true, but it makes a good story. The middle one has the name painted on it of the section of town that I live in.

urban art

I will leave you with this last image, if I didn’t tell you this was a cell phone tower would you have thought that I had taken this in a museum?

Thank you so much for stopping by. I can’t wait to see what everyone else has done for this theme, why don’t you take a peek too with:

Next week the “T”ea party will be hosted by Pat.