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Upcycle it With Embellishments

I am happy to say that I am now a teacher for C&T Publishing online learning platform, Creative Spark! I have a new lecture, Upcycle it with Embellishments.

Upcycle Pre-Loved Clothing and Accessories

With trends like “thrift flipping,” where people find unique ways to repurpose secondhand goods, learning to add embroidery and embellishments to fabric is a key skill in transforming dull or out-of-style finds into unique wardrobe staples. In this online course, I will show you how to give your current wardrobe or thrift store finds a unique look with hand or machine-stitched trims, embroidery, and vintage treasures. I hope to inspire all of you makers to reimagine your preloved and current stash.

Download the handout and follow along with the video and demos. I show you how to take an old tie to create a rose corsage; create new embellishments with unused jewelry parts; add lace, yo-yos, buttons, and pins; and cut a doily to make a lace appliqué. In each demo, you’ll learn essential embroidery and ribbonwork tips and techniques, such as knowing what dyes and glues to use and when to use them.

What you will learn

  • Add embroidery stitches to enhance a design or repair damage.
  • Sew on a collection of buttons or use vintage jewelry to add interest or a theme.
  • Turn an unused item like a tie or lace table runner into something wearable.
  • Hand or machine stitch lace or ribbons to the bottom edge of a vest or jacket to extend the length or to add interest.
  • Hand stitch ribbonwork flowers, doilies, and lace to add a feminine touch, hide a hole or a stain, or add design interest.
  • Your Course includes access to videos, downloads, the Creative Spark private community, and discussion with your instructor. Your course content does not expire.


+ This course includes a 9-page handout to refer to throughout the course. The handout includes instructions for a few projects as well.

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Happy Stitching and Thrifting to you! ~Christen