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Days of Wine and Roses- silk ribbon embroidered vest

Days of Wine and Roses close-up

Days of Wine and Roses close-up

The inspiration for the colors of this vest came from the main fabric itself, which is from one of my favorite fabric companies, Hoffman Fabrics. The champagne-mushroom dyed background is liberally sprinkled with chocolate and rose colored ferns and leaves. I used these colors and added in a sage, celery and dark green for the ribbon worked flowers and leaves and the embroidery.

The front of the vest has a raw silk panel stitched in at a slightly off kilter diagonal angle. On either edge of the the cotton and silk seam seam run a display of whimsical floral vignettes. The ribbon worked flowers and leaves are made from a variety of new and vintage ribbons including: Hanah silk bias in 2-1/2″, 1″ and 5/8″; vintage cotton grosgrain and velvet ribbons; double sided satin ribbon; cotton and moire fabrics. The vignettes are embellished with silk ribbon embroidery in sizes 2mm, 4mm and 7mm silk ribbon. Silk and cotton threads were used for details and traditional embroidery stitches.

Days of Wine and Roses- vest

Days of Wine and Roses- vest

Happy Stitching! Christen

La Vie En Rose- embroidered handbag

La Vie En Rose by Christen Brown

La Vie En Rose by Christen Brown

The November/December 2007 issue of PieceWork Magazine, included an article on my collection of vintage handbags: The Glamour of it All Collecting Vintage Handbags and La Vie En Rose the purse shown here to embroider. The version in the article shows the back of the purse, and the instructions are for a smaller embroidered floral vignette.

During my research for the article I collected quite a bit of additional information and I have written two other articles that may be of interest if you collect vintage purses.

This purse is made from black silk shantung fabric. I embroidered the stitches in #5 pearl cotton thread, using six colors for the flowers and three for the leaves. I used a variety of traditional embroidery stitches including: bouillon knots, woven rose and spokes, cast-on, lazy daisy, feathered leaf, French Knots, and Peking knot.

Happy Stitching! Christen

Daisy’s Gatsby Days Vest- detail of silk ribbon embroidery

Detail from Daisy's Gatsby Days

Detail from Daisy’s Gatsby Days

The title for this garment came to me as I was working with these soft pastels, which reminded me of summer dresses worn by women during the 1920’s.

This is a close-up view of one of my favorite vests, see the full view here. I wear it with a blue linen skirt, and a cream colored cotton blouse. It looks great with jeans too!

I started with a simple woven print, and embroidered silk ribbon flowers and leaves; sewed on ribbon worked flowers and leaves; and stitched traditional embroidery stitches with a variegated cotton thread; bead embellishments were added here and there as finishing touches. I used a vintage blue and yellow ribbon for the flowers and some of the 4mm silk ribbon I used was hand dyed; both elements added to the vintage look of the piece.

The techniques I used for this vest are similar to the Renaissance of Ribbon Embroidery, by using a base fabric with a floral design and embellishing it with silk ribbon embroidery.

Happy Stitching! Christen

Beribboned Vest-silk ribbon embroidery with ribbon worked flowers and leaves

Beribboned by Christen Brown

Beribboned by Christen Brown

Beribboned is a class that I teach using both silk ribbon embroidery stitches with ribbon worked flowers and leaves in small vignettes created with dyed lace appliques and sections.

I used many different sizes of silk ribbon: 2mm, 4mm, 7mm and 13mm. I also used a few snip-its here and there of a vintage ombre ribbon that was given to me by a friend (see the bow below the heart). I used Hanah silk bias ribbons in sizes 7/16″, 5/8″ and 1″; I used several sizes and types of satin ribbons and a few shear ribbons here and there.

I included vintage and new buttons, beads and charms to further enhance this piece. This is truly one of my favorite vests to wear, and I did so enjoy working on it!

Berribboned Front Heart

Beribboned Front heart

Happy Stitching! Christen

Floral Pastoral Tassel: ribbonwork

Floral Pastoral Tassel

Floral Pastoral Tassel

I love flowers, I love spring-time and I love tassels!

The Floral Pastoral Tassel showcases the many different types of ribbon and their versatility. I used 5/8″ and 1″ French wire ribbon; 3/8″ picot edge ribbon; 3/8″ vintage grosgrain and jacquard ribbons; 2mm silk embroidery ribbon; and Hanah silk bias ribbons in sizes 7/16″, 5/8″ and 1″.

The tassel top was made from machine stitched cotton paper, reinforced with Timtex, the technique much like the one used in Aurelia’s Garden and Fairie Tea Party. It was then embellished with hand made flowers and leaves, ribbon embroidery with beaded accents.

The tassel skirt is a lace that is made from a cotton/rayon blend. I dyed the lace with the Color Hue dyes, which were the same ones that I use in the Scrumptious Scraps project.

Enjoy your life, love lots and create when you can! Happy stitching! Christen

Tied in Knots: crazy pieced, tatted and embroidered needle case

Tied in Knots/needle case with tatting and embroidery

Tied in Knots/needle case with tatting and embroidery

Tied in knots — that’s the definition of tatting! At least it is until you get really good at it, which I have to say I still have a long way to go!!!

Tatting is a form of lace that is comprised of a series of knots made onto a loop of thread that is wound around your hand. The stitches are simple: basic knot which is a square knot, a loop (referred to as picot) and chains (single knots) are added for design interest.

My mom taught me how to tat using a red plastic shuttle that I still use. I also have used the long needle designed for tatting, and have used a basic milliner’s needle such as the designs used in the Tandledons.

This crazy pieced shuttle holder is adorned with traditional embroidery, tatted bits and pieces and silk ribbon stitches. I have started collecting shuttles to put in the holder, along with a few thread winders. I have a few shuttles made from celluloid; one from metal; one from Mother of Pearl; and one from abalone shell. But I have to say my favorite is the red plastic one that my mom gave me so many years ago.

Happy Stitching! Christen

Aurelia’s Garden: silk ribbon embroidered treasure box

Aurelia's Garden

Aurelia’s Garden: treasure box by Christen Brown

The title for this box came from the movie “Love Actually” which is a favorite with my daughter and myself.

Aurelia is one of the characters, and I just love her name and am happy to report that she has a happy story and a new beginning to her life.

This box is 3″ wide by 1- 1/2″ deep and is made by ironing Timtex to cotton paper. The shape is created by machine stitching the folds of the box and the edges with cotton threads. I also used this technique on the Fairie Tea Party.

The top and sides are blooming with silk ribbon embroidered flowers and leaves with a few ribbon worked flowers added in. The colors Briar Rose and Cabernet from Hanah silk were the starting points for my pallet. I also used a vintage cotton jacquard and an ombre ribbon. The rest of the garden is stitched with 2, 4, and 7mm silk ribbon; silk and cotton threads.

The treasure box rests on a ledge in my work room with the dolls and the pillows, and I smile every day looking at all of the wonderful colors!

Happy and joyous stitching to you all! Christen

Jean’s Summer Garden- silk ribbon-work and ribbon embroidered pillow

Jean's Summer Garden by Christen Brown

Jean’s Summer Garden by Christen Brown

When I was younger my family spent summers in Canada at our cottage on Chandos Lake. My grandparents and many of their friends had “summer gardens” planted in pots and boxes around their cottages. These gardens started from bulbs that were planted in containers in basements and nurtured through the winter and spring months.

Jean Beck and her mother Myrtle always planted lovely petunia’s and the colors that I used in this pillow remind their lovely gardens that were planted amongst the rocks around thier cottage.

This pillow is a sample of the stitches that are covered in my class “Elegant Additions”. The stitches used include traditional, free-form and silk ribbon embroidery. I also stitched flowers and leaves from Hanah silk ribbons, and tacked these in place on the pillow.

Happy and Joyous Stitching! Christen

French Bouquet-silk ribbon embroidered pillow

French Bouquet by Christen Brown

French Bouquet by Christen Brown

This pillow is made from a silk fabric remnant that I found at local fabric store. I really thought that the champagne colored silk was so pretty, and saved it for this project.

The silk ribbon embroidery is stitched with 2, 4, and 7mm widths of ribbon, some of the ribbons were hand dyed. I used Mokuba ombre ribbons for the rosette flowers. Silk and cotton threads were also used in the embroidery stitches. The ribbon rose at the top of the pillow is made from Hanah Silk ribbon and leaf is made from wire ribbon.

This pattern was also used on a purse which is called “Ellen Matilda’s Rose Garden”. This was my father’s mother an immigrant from Sweden, who never had the time or luxuries for a rose garden, so I embroidered one in her memory.

Happy  and Joyous Stitching! Christen

Scrumptious Scraps Wall Hanging: silk ribbon embroidery with silk ribbon worked flowers and leaves

Scrumptious Scraps by Christen Brown

Scrumptious Scraps by Christen Brown

This wall hanging truly covers all of my passions, embroidery, ribbon work, vintage lace, and dyeing! Scrumptious Scraps was a labor intensive project, but well worth the time that I spent on it. In fact this piece is one of my favorites, and I have used it throughout the design of my website.

The base fabric is comprised of all of those precious scraps of handmade lace and fabric that you can’t throw out! The base was created with a layer of Solvy over the scraps of lace and fabric which was then machine quilted fusing all of the pieces together. The base was then dyed with Color Hue Dyes, along with the ribbons that I used to embroider the flowers and leaves.

The ribbon worked flowers are made from Hanah silk bias ribbons, cotton grosgrain ribbons, and dyed silk satin ribbons; the embroidery was stitched with silk ribbons and embroidery threads.

size 12-3/8″ W x 9-1/2″

Happy Stitching! Christen