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Tea on Tuesday, seeing red

tea cup and tea potWelcome all, tea today is raspberry, light tea, because I have already had a few cups of coffee! The mug is called “Afternoon Tea” and was made for Royal Doulton. It pictures a tea set with cups and plates, very sweet.

A few weeks ago Gwen and I went to Target to pick up a few necessities. We always stop at the $1.00 bin though, ’cause you just never know what you will find. We both picked up a few sets of these plastic heart light garlands, I mean honestly we both agreed that we really needed these in your lives!

I finally had time yesterday to put all the Christmas decorations away, just in time for Valentines day. Here are a few items that I will be finding a spot for, and of course the other set of heart garlands!

heart shaped doll and pincushionsThe doll is made with a base of felt, and I attached heart shaped doilies that my mom had made. The flowers are made from ribbon and rickrack. She has heart shaped and novelty button for decoration, with little brass gloves and slippers. The two crochet pin cushions are vintage finds.

For more tea and good cheer visit Kimmie’s side bar and all the gals.

Happy day to you, if you see red may it be from the heart of one you love.



Tea on Tuesday: warm and toasty

tea cupHowdy all, sorry to have missed tea last week! We were preparing for the Susan G. Koleman 60 mile walk for the cure. Our daughter raised over $2,300.00 for the charity, and walked 60 miles, mostly in the rain!

The mom’s, daughters, sisters and husbands of the group Gwen walked with got together each day and provided treats, cheers and encouragement for the walkers. We were pretty much soaked too, but it was well worth the effort to have been involved in such an amazing three day event.

So today I am sitting with a warm cup of Earl, keeping warm and toasty with the heater at my feet, which are clad in my new thermal slippers, hmmm feels good!

I hope that you all have a wonderous Thanksgiving, and will be seeing you next week! Happy tea to you all, and see you on Kimmie’s sidebar!

Tea on Tuesday, reflections

tea cup and sea urchinsTea today is Raspberry Black Tea, in my favorite green mug that lends a certain amount of calm to the experience.

I am in the process of re-re-re-reading (possibly a few more re-s) Cannery Row. John and I had a rocky start when I was a young child when in the second grade we read the Red Pony in class. As an adult though I have grown to appreciate his writing style, and of all his works Cannery Row is my favorite.

Doc would probably appreciate the beauty of these sea urchins, which I think are my favorite of all sea creatures. I have a bowl full of several different species, which as you can see are quite delicate and break when dropped. The broken pieces are placed in a different display, that looks as though it is a portion of beach with washed up bits and pieces of this and that.

broken and dried bits of stuffMy tea post of June 22, had a picture of our Christmas cactus in bloom. In this picture I have placed the dried bloom and a few pieces of sea urchin with a dried tomato vine and a piece of green onion skin.

I think that we can still find beauty in the the broken, the wilted and the imperfect. Perhaps though this is learned only after our youth is a memory to reflect upon while appreciating our selves today.

Happy Tea to all, please join Kimmie and the rest of our group for a cup of special thoughts…

Enjoy, Christen

Tea on Tuesday, old movies

tea on tuesday old moviesTea on Tuesday is coffee today, a little bit of a jolt now and again is a good thing, for me at least.

This week I spent a few quiet moments watching some old movies that I had recorded earlier in the summer. I often peruse AMC and Turner Classics for the oldies, the ones that we watched when I was a kid, and would have been considered old then!

I started with a movie that had been loosely based on a novel called Tish. The movie starred Marjorie Main and Zasu Pitts, and many other actors you would recognize. The book regaled us with the adventures of a strong-willed maiden aunt who is way beyond her time period, her skill level shall we say, and any reasoning that her nephew can exert.

From there I went on to The Canterville Ghost, starring Robert Young (very young), Margaret O’Brien (my dad had a crush on her all of his life), and Charles Laughton as the ghost. Set in England during WWII, Cuffy (Robert Young) is destined to save his long-lost ancestor, Sir Simon (the ghost) from living all of eternity in shame. This is accomplished and all is right with the world!

The last film was The Grand Hotel with the stellar cast of Greta Garbo, John Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore, Joan Crawford, and Wallace Beery. Every time I watch this I focus on a different actor’s performance, there is just so much going on that you can’t possibly absorb the entire movie in one viewing. And Joan Crawford had some killer gloves on in one scene that I wouldn’t mind owning!

wildflower seedsI will leave you with a few more photos of the flowers that were produced from the wildflower seeds we planted at the beginning of the summer.

wildflower seedsThis one is really sweet with the flower about 1/2″ in size.

wildflower seedsOur weather has turned a bit cool again, with some morning low clouds and a bit of rain the other day. But I am not complaining!

Off to do some work, please join Kimmie and the rest of the tea group!

Enjoy, happy day to you, Christen

PS: please take a look at Lizbeth’s adventures, she has missed many months of the Dress Up challenge, but she is back now!

Tea on Tuesday: the ’70’s

feeling groovy tea

Kimmie’s “T”ea on Tuesday is hosted by Chriss, and she picked the ’70’s for her theme. Groovy man, like, can you dig it? The “70’s were far out, I chilled with my friends by listening to Simon and Garfunkel and lighting sandalwood incense. I got my first pair of overalls which were totally rad, and I wore them with my embroidered work-shirt which was really cool, ya know man?

books, macrame, boxesI read the poetry of Rod McKuen, and thought that my poetry was just as good, dream on, can you dig it? I spent my time embroidering, making beaded necklaces and macrame, to the max. My friends were surfers, artists, and singers, after school we would say good-bye like:  see ya on the flip side with words of encouragement like: keep on truckin’.

rattan purseMy friend Jeri gave me this purse because it wasn’t her thing, but I really liked it ’cause it is totally out of sight.

I played the guitar, the recorder, and my cassette player with home made tapes; I read Nancy Drew and Seventeen Magazine; and I was in love with David Cassidy, he was the man!

We watched TV shows that gave us sayings like: looookin goooood, hehhh and dynomite!

The tea I drank was “sassafrass” no lie! We ate chilli dogs at Der Weiner Schnitzel and hung out at TG&Y, but we always got home on time so mom didn’t have a cow!

How funky is that? Don’t be a goof,  join Chriss and the rest of the Tea Party,  be there or be square!

It was fab but I gotta book! Christen

Next week Tea Tuseday will be hosted by me and the theme is “Urban Art”.

Tea on Tuesday: Water…

vintage tea cup

“T”ea on Tuesday, will be a little different as Kimmie has asked if we would like take turns as a hostess providing a theme for the week. This week our hostess is Patty and she has chosen WATER for our theme. Today I am drinking TAZO Awake – Black Tea- Noir.

drawing of wavesThis is a favorite painting of mine,  “Great Wave off of Kanagawa” by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. I have always lived by a body of water, for most of my life it has been the Pacific Ocean, but as a kid our summer’s were spent at our cabin on Chandos Lake, Apsley, Ontario, Canada. We swam, we canoe”d”, we rowed the row-boat, and sat in the speed boat with the spray on our face. As a young adult I worked on Catalina Island, where we swam in the ocean, sailed in small boats and even kayak”ed” once, amongst a pod of whales (little scary).

vintage embroidered bagThis is a close-up view of the vintage embroidered bag from above. The design of the bag is actually woven, but as it is old has frayed a bit. A previous owner has tried to recover the bag to its original glory by adding in free-form embroidery and beads of glass and coral. Pretty cool, I love the frame which is encrusted with green glass cabs.

treasure trove of shells and frogsI have collected a few of my favorite things found in or on water. All of the real shells were purchased at a local shop in Ocean Beach, CA. The old tin box had belonged to my grandfather, and I included it cause my cousin Richard had served in the US Navy. The metal leaf bowl was a gift from Kevin’s brother and I have filled it with the smaller pieces of my hubby’s “Frog” collection. Finally the beautiful orange starfish was made from craft felt, and lavishly embroidered by a friend.

lily pond and botanical buildingOn Sunday my husband Kevin, daughter Gwen and I took a walk over to Balboa Park, so that I could get a picture of our favorite lily pond. As a young couple, with no money (this has not changed much!), we would bring Gwen down and walk around the Park. We still enjoy the walk, and I think that this is our favorite spot.

lily pondThis is a close-up view of the lily boxes, in the spring and summer the pond is full of lily pads and flowers.

carpThese are a few of the carp that get to swim in the pond all year long. They are quite friendly and actually swim up to people on the side of the pond, that is how I got such a good picture of them! This day they even had a large dog barking at them who wanted to come and play, they didn’t even flap a fin!

picture of sail boatsI will leave you with this special painting that my great, great grandfather Mitchel painted for my grandfather. I will let you imagine how old it is….

Happy T to you, please join us over at is Patty’s won’t you?

Tea on Tuesday: Red and her fellow Primaries

apple tea-pot and mug

Tea on Tuesday

Tea on Tuesday today is Lemon Zinger, hoping that the “zing” will take away the “sting” from my chocolate hangover… which is totally my fault and not worthy of sympathy. I am unfortunately allergic to vanilla which is found in many things including my favorite health food- chocolate, and last night I binged on half a bag of M&M’s ($%?!) argh!!!!

This week RED is featured with her other two primaries blue and yellow. I found this wonderful tea-pot with the apples on it a few years ago, and while foraging for more red cups a few weeks ago I found this mug with the beautiful apple on it.

vintage buttons, vintage hanky

Phred's Daizies

Here is a close-up of one of my favorite button necklaces made from many buttons given to me by my best friend Phred, who is one of my dearest friends, staunchest supporters, tailor extraordinaire, and all time counter part! This group of lovely vintage celluloid and plastic buttons were gathered from here and there and the white buttons were from his mother’s collection; the center piece is a fur clip with celluloid flowers. I have placed the necklace and bracelets (below) on another one of my vintage handkerchiefs. This one is from St. Louis, it is really pretty with a rounded scalloped edge and I love the berries on the state flower!

vintage buttons, felt heart

Heartfully Rendered

Here is a close-up of the bracelets that I made for the ensemble. The bracelet on the left is made from vintage glass buttons all coming from the Czech Republic, stitched with vintage and new beads. The bracelet on the right is made from vintage and new charms that are attached to a vintage celluloid chain. The earrings in the center are made from a molded material called “Feather Weights”. The felt heart with felt flowers and embroidery was made a very long time ago, but it still looks nice with this group.

Well I am thinking that a little aspirin and a good walk might take care of the chocolate hangover, so I am off for now. Please join Kimmie and the rest of the ladies for a cup of tea, pleasant conversation, and a wonderful day.

digital image
PS: I decided to create a digital mosaic image with the picture that I took, just cause it looked kind of cool. Enjoy your day!

Tea on Tuesday: BOOOOOO





Well this may be a little early, but I wanted to keep in the spirit of the season. Today Tea is coffee, and a very good Viennese roast at that. It is still dark out so I was able to take a picture of my haunted tree with the lights on. I have gathered a few old branches, placed them in a vase, and adorned the branches with pumpkin lights and the spooky hands that I got at the thrift store a few weeks ago.

halloween decorations

Haunted Tree

Here is a full view of the tree. I set this on a table that is in the kitchen, which is full of vintage kitchen ware and tools. The table fills a long space at the end of the kitchen, but the area is too small to actually sit at the table. So I use this area as just another space to decorate.

I have included in the picture a cute little witch, which I have had for many years. I have also included the jewelry that I wear this time of year, my bat ring, pumpkin pin and my spiderweb tiara, no celebration is complete if you are not properly attired!

The little cigar box that the coffee cup is on I also got at the thrift store when I got the spooky hands. I have covered it in vintage Burpee and other seed advertisements that I found on the Vintage Moth’s website. These were free downloads, and I copied them and printed them in different sizes. Then I cut them to fit the box, glued them down and painted modpodge over the surface.

Sometimes I think that I have way to much fun….

I have been working on a few challenges this week, again way to much fun and also a few new pins for the Etsy store.

group of pins

Flapper Girls

Hope that you enjoy your tea today, whether it is really tea or coffee. Come join us over at Kimmie’s House and have a great rest of your week!

PS: I received my Tea On Tuesday gift exchange, and it was filled with goodies and a lovely tea cup, but I wanted to wait and make sure that everyone else had received their packages before I took a picture of my treasures and revealed who sent them….. coming soon!


Tea on Tuesday: Apples and Hearts

Apples and Hearts

Apples and Hearts

Red and yellow and retro is my theme today. I just love this little tea pot, just enough for a few cups, and not a drop is wasted! I am drinking from my Johnson Brothers “Chintz” cup today, it seems also to be a favorite. The wonderful crochet heart pincushion was found at a thrift store, and the marvelous “art heart” was a gift from our daughter. teacan

The tea that I chose for today comes from this lovely set that I found at Cost Plus. I chose the Raspberry Earl Gray and it is delish! My friend can recommend the Ambrosia Plum, which she tried the other day. The other choices are Egyptian Mint and Italian Chamomile. The blend of scents that come from all of the tea bags is enchanting!

I can’t wait for all of the bags to be used so I can have the tin for the craft room. (Truthfully knowing me, I will probably not wait at all!)


Perky Pincushions

Last week I spent a few hours here and there making some pincushions for my Etsy store.

The first group on the blue plate were cut from an old quilt from the “4o’s which was made from feed sacks and cotton floral prints.  I call these Perky Pincushions.

These were so much fun to make, and the fabrics are just too cute! I stitched sections with pearl cotton and added a button to the top. The bottom is stabilized with a bit of cardboard and covered with felt.

These are a good size, about 3″ wide and 1-1/2″ tall. I have stuck mine full of needles and I love it!

Bon Bons

Bon Bons

The second set of pincushions were made from rayon velvet ribbon adorned with silk ribbon flowers and leaves. I call these Bon Bons.

I have made these for the store for many years, but they always seem to be a favorite. They look good enough to eat on this dainty china plate.

The rayon velvet ribbon is so rich, and really shows off the lucious colors of the Hanah silk so nicely. These are small pincushions, just enough for a few needles. These are about 1-5/8″round by 1-1/2″ tall.

I hope that all is well with you and that you are enjoying your day. Please join Kimmie and the rest of the ladies for Tea, you are most welcome!


Tea on Tuesday: Changing the Paradigm


Orange Zinger

Tea on Tuesday is Tangerine Orange Zinger from Celestial Seasonings. Yummmmmmy with a raspberry bar and a few dried apricots (or applecots as my daughter used to call them). My cup runneth amok with grapes so I started with a fruit theme. I added in a few fun bracelets and a pair of earrings made from  glass and paper mache fruit and a darling porcelain piece with little children holding up an impossibly large plum.

So from last week’s  “A Little on the Grumpy Side”  to “Changing the Paradigm”. My computer sadly will not be fixed or remain the way I know it. We couldn’t afford the repairs that would cost around $800.00 so we opted to take the hard-drive out and put it into a separate unit so that it is now an external hard-drive.

It is funny how attached we become to our stuff. George Carlin had a routine on “Stuff” that was quite funny, unless you can’t get to your stuff or have access to it as was my case for over a week. I felt at a loss, what will I do if I can’t get to those files. I floundered…

Then I started to think about what I did when I wasn’t taking pictures and updating my website and creating posts for blogs.  OH right, I worked on making things for sale, worked on my art and oh yeah cleaned the studio so that I could see what was actually in there.  Frankly all of those things needed to be done, so that is what I did.  Changing the Paradigm…

This weekend we installed what programs we could onto the laptop (a PC)  that I am working on now, and when I started working with the Kodak Easy Share for today’s image, I found some cool options for editing that did not show up on my MAC. Changing the Paradigm…

Earlier this week two tools pooped out on me in addition to the computer woes. One was my Thread Zap which I use to seal the ends of the ribbon flowers and my Hot Glue Gun which I use in many ways. I must admit that I was feeling a little singled out here. What was the Great Goddess of Creativity telling me, what clue was I to have gleaned from these cruel circumstances?

Well luckily I had a sale in my Etsy store, so I could afford to buy another Thread Zap. The owner of the store that I purchased it from asked me to have a trunk show later on this year, good fortune smiled on me here. Then I had a 40% coupon from Michael’s and got a new glue gun that is smaller and easier to hold, better choices came from this.  I also got to thinking that this would not be a bad place to work, so I am submitting my application on line this week.

So I listened, adapted and Changed the Paradigm to fit into the grand scheme of it all.

Happy tea to you and please join Kimmie and the rest of the ladies for tea. Always a lovely time, lovely pictures and pleasant company. Enjoy your day, don’t fight it all, adapt and survive! Christen