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Friday’s Favorite: finding something you were searching for

tatted flowers

tatted flowers

My favorite thing is to find the thing that I found yesterday, that I was looking for last week, while searching for the thing that I needed for today for a project that needed to be done tomorrow.

These are tatted flowers that my mom had made for the handmade greeting cards that she gave out for every occasion. She started with tatted flowers with hand painted details, moved on to cross-stitched designs, crochet designs, embroidered designs with tatted flowers and finally silk ribbon embroidered designs.

Each family member received a “special holiday” card, and friends and family received Christmas cards every year, (which she started making in July). I know that several cousins and many of her friends have saved every card that she had made.

The picture here shows forgotten leftovers from her tatted designs, that she kept in old envelopes with the directions for each design. I wanted to include a few of the flowers on Lady Rose, a doll that I was making from a few items from other cards that she had made, but I didn’t find these in time for that project…

But I did find them! Don’t get too frustrated with yourself when you can’t find something that is hiding, detours on any journey can lead to unexpected moments! Enjoy, Christen

Tied in Knots: crazy pieced, tatted and embroidered needle case

Tied in Knots/needle case with tatting and embroidery

Tied in Knots/needle case with tatting and embroidery

Tied in knots — that’s the definition of tatting! At least it is until you get really good at it, which I have to say I still have a long way to go!!!

Tatting is a form of lace that is comprised of a series of knots made onto a loop of thread that is wound around your hand. The stitches are simple: basic knot which is a square knot, a loop (referred to as picot) and chains (single knots) are added for design interest.

My mom taught me how to tat using a red plastic shuttle that I still use. I also have used the long needle designed for tatting, and have used a basic milliner’s needle such as the designs used in the Tandledons.

This crazy pieced shuttle holder is adorned with traditional embroidery, tatted bits and pieces and silk ribbon stitches. I have started collecting shuttles to put in the holder, along with a few thread winders. I have a few shuttles made from celluloid; one from metal; one from Mother of Pearl; and one from abalone shell. But I have to say my favorite is the red plastic one that my mom gave me so many years ago.

Happy Stitching! Christen