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Stitch Along Sampler Week- Day 7

The Hand Embroidery Dictionary/ Knotted, Woven and Whipped Stitches and Embellishment Stitches

Everything embroidery bundled into one helpful how-to guide! The book breaks down 500+ stitches from the basics for beginners to more complex designs for advanced stitchers.

  • Learn how to choose tools, threads, and embellishments
  • Basic stitch guides explain accurate placement to help you achieve the perfect stitch
  • Each stitch includes a stitched sample, instructions and in most cases illustrations
  • Learn how to change the position of the stitch and use the distance between points to change the look of the stitch
  • Tips and instructions for left-handed embroiderers

There are 16 groups of stitches which include straight, outline, knotted, woven, and whipped, lazy daisy, chain, barb, blanket and buttonhole, fly, feather, fleet, cretan, cross, herringbone, capped, chevron, and embellishment stitches.

Knotted, woven and whipped stitches are all unique stitches, that add texture to your embroidery. The embellishment stitches use beads and buttons, and add a touch of whimsy to your projects.

Happy Stitching~ Christen