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Recycled Jewels

Recycling is something we learned very early at our house. The motto was if you can’t make it, then you buy it!

I have been playing around with this and that, odd bits of leftovers and just some junky stuff. This is what I have come up with…

charms, watches, bracelet

I had been collecting these ladies dress watches for a few years, and I have finally decided that they would make a great link bracelet. I found an vintage charm bracelet on eBay, that had most of the old charms you see here. I added in a few new ones that I sell in my store.

link bracelet, charms, buttons

This piece started with a box link bracelet blank. I glued mother of pearl buttons to the flat portion of the links. Then I gathered bits of charms, old earrings and some of this and that stuff that you can’t throw away.

link bracelet, charms, buttons

This bracelet is similar to the above bracelet, with the mother of pearl buttons that have been dyed blue. I added old shoe and glove buttons, some made of metal and others made of leather. I also added in the top portion of some old zippers.

Happy Stitching! ~Christen