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Green Gardens: Mixed Monday Monday

Green Gardens

Green Gardens

This is my entry “Green Gardens” for Mixed Monday Monday’s challenge “Blues and Greens“. This piece was created for a series of short stories and poems that I am writing. This was a great challenge, lots of choices and there are always lots of wonderful and diverse entries, take a look!

Green Gardens- center

Green Gardens- center

The image that I started with was this sweet little girl dressed in green (from a mother’s day gift a few years back).

She is standing in a garden of lily of the valley, and blue cornflowers. I didn’t have far to go from there to create a larger garden for her.

I used a few art papers, the rest of the greeting card, acrylic paints, lace, mushroom birds, buttons and metal charms.

The tatted flowers my mom had made many years ago; the ribbon worked flowers I made from 1/4″ and 3/8″ ribbons; I also included vintage glass and celluloid flowers. The lace I used for the spider webs was given to me by my sister-in-law’s mother; the embroidered applique was from my daughter’s baby blanket.

There is a large green vine with pointed leaves, this I painted with acrylic paints; there is also a metal vine from Retro Cafe Art, that I cut, curved and painted with metallic and acrylic paints.

Green Gardens

Little girl in the garden green
tell us of the wonders you have seen.

Did you see the robin’s egg blue,
and the flowers colored every hue?

Did you find the ladybug nook,
and see the leap the grasshopper took?

Did the soft breeze kiss your cheek,
and miss spider’s web you did peek?

Did the pretty little butterflies glide by
and the blown petals of the dandelion fly?

May youthful delights and child’s play
leave lasting memories of the day.

Happy day to you, enjoy your youth and the youth around you. Christen

Blue Showers: Mixed Media Monday

Blue Showers

Blue Showers

This is my entry for Mixed Media Monday’s challenge: Natures Blues and Browns. There are many interesting and beautiful entries, take a look when you get a moment.

I interpreted the challenge into thoughts and emotions, turning blue thoughts into muddy brown waters. The images that I chose I think would appeal to a child so I thought of adding a nursery rhyme that I wrote to accompany my piece.

Blue Showers

If a storm should unleash dark blue showers
May you have an umbrella made from flowers.

If your eyes are damp from tears of sadness
May butterflies kiss you with their gladness.

If the water ahead is murky and brown
May you rest upon a bed of lace and down.

So go to sleep and dream my honey
May tomorrow bring skies bright and sunny. (added 8-6)

This is from a collection of poems and  short stories, that I have written.

Happy days to you, and may the blues not bring you down! Christen