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My Button Box by Christen Brown

I have an article included in the new July/August 2013 issue of Piecework Magazine, Volume XXI Number 4. It is available on their website here, and I am sure that you can find it in your local bookstore.

Here is a brief description of the articles included in the magazine:

“In this issue of PieceWork magazine, knit and embellish Scilly Isle socks, learn about collecting vintage buttons, knit Victorian beaded cuffs, learn raised filet crochet, discover coronation cord, learn about Latvian textiles, make silk death head buttons, and more!”

My article concentrates on vintage buttons that you may find in your own “button box” with lots of images of different kinds of buttons from my own collection.

I talk a little about the different materials that you may find buttons made from, and I have also included a brief side bar on how to clean these different types of materials.

I do have a lecture called “What’s in Your Button Box” that is part slide show and hand’s on where I share my collection that has grown in the over 40 years of sewing and creating.

I also encourage the participants to bring in a button or two of their own, to share with the audience. Please contact me if you are interested in hiring me to come and teach or lecture!

Hope that you enjoy the article, and the rest of the magazine!

Happy Stitching, enjoy~ Christen