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Gathering Autumn’s Harvest: class/tutorial

Gathering Autumn’s Harvest: 2 lessons/$20.00

Country images of old barns resting off even older dirt roads, family and friends and cooked turkeys and pumpkin pie. That is what autumn means to me. I absolutely love all of the rich autumn colors: chestnut, golden umber, warm maple, cinnamon and pumpkin. I have put together a few things that will help make your autumn decorations for your home more memorable.

Skill Level Beginning: sewing machine and some embroidery knowledge needed

gatheringautumnsharvestLesson 1: All about the pumpkins! Directions for several different sizes will be given and I warn you now, you will not stop at only one! The base fabric for the pumpkin can be a plain color, a print or batik. Or if you are feeling adventurous you could CQ a base on your own then use my directions to assemble it. leavesandacorns

Lesson 2: Add in a little bit of the bounty of the harvest time with falling leaves and gathered nuts. You will have two different sizes of each leaf and acorns to chose from. These are made from felt and hand stitched with cotton floss. I made mine from synthetic felt but you could make these items from wool felt.

Class Information

These classes can be purchased at any time, there is no set schedule.The class can be ordered by contacting Christen: thestoreonthecorner@gmail.com. She will send you an invoice through PayPal.

Once the class is paid for, the supply list will be sent out. The lessons will begin one week after the purchase of the class, unless otherwise stated. You will receive an email with the lesson attached. The following lesson/s will arrive one week after the previous lesson.

A high speed internet connection is recommended, and you must have basic computer and internet skills. You will need to be able know how to download and save a document to your computer’s hard drive, open it and print out a copy.

You can contact Christen with any questions pertaining to the class/class information throughout the length of the class.

Class fees will not be refunded.

Happy Stitching,