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National Sewing Month

Day 1

Question: Who did you learn to sew from?I learned to sew at home, by helping my mom, who made all of our clothes. I also had a great Home Ec. teacher in the 7th and 8th grades.

14 5/8″ x 15 5/8″

Scraps and Leftovers, by Christen Brown

This monochromatic color palette combines a very subtle blend of colors: cream, sand, tan, and brown with a dash of black, brass and silver. The fabrics are all scraps from other projects, with leftovers of ribbon, lace, trims, appliques, and zippers for embellishments. I literally emptied the sewing box in search of buckles, safety pins, snaps, and hoops and eyes. I combined these with vintage buttons, charms, and other ephemera. The quilted and embroidered stitches were all worked in perle cotton thread. The pin in the center was from an original Shirley Temple doll.

This piece can be found in my book, The Embroidery Book, by C&T Publishing.

Happy Stitching~Christen

National BUTTON WEEK Day 3!!!

Here are a few images of more buttons!

These are a few necklaces that I have made with buttons.

Antique Autumn Roses- by Christen Brown

This necklace started with the wonderful wrapped metallic gold center piece given to me by a friend. The necklace base is made from silk rouleau and rayon cording wrapped and curled into an entwined pattern. The beads, buttons and extras are attached at random, using a free-form peyote technique.

Umbrian Vintage Ensemble

This is a technique that I call “train tracks”, the buttons are attached through two layers of silk rouleau. The beads and charms are added on after the buttons.

Santa Fe Talisman- necklace

This necklace started with a base made from ruched velvet ribbon. The buttons are made from abalone and muscle shell, jade, turquoise, and other materials. Seed beads and larger beads were used for the dangles.

Cobblestone Collar- Beaded Jewelry Ensemble

This necklace was made using a right-angle weave pattern, the base is comprised of seed beads, pearls, and buttons made from muscle shell.

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride by Christen Brown

This necklace started with a base made from ruched velvet ribbon. The buttons are made from glass and metal, seed beads and vintage glass beads and charms were used for the dangles.

Hope that you enjoyed looking! Happy stitching! ~Christen