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A Heart a Day: 28 Part 2

18 3/4˝ × 16 1/4˝ (47.6 × 41.3cm)

Red Roses, Four Generations of Love

This wallhanging started with several handkerchiefs that belonged to my mother and grandmother. The hankies are collage-pieced together with small bits of fabric, ribbons, laces, and trims. Special mementos include a few tatted and crochet flowers that my mom made, along with glass ladybugs, which is the symbol for our daughter. It is featured in my book, Creative Embroidery, Mixing the Old with the New, by C&T Publishing.

Here is a list of A Heart a Day, 2023

Happiest of heartfelt wishes for a wondrous day, and thank you for letting me share my love of hearts with you this month! ~Christen

Friday’s Favorites: Color Episode 1

Color, color, color and more colors. I love them all. When I work, I let the fabrics and other components tell me what they want to be when they grow up. Today, I am going to share two pieces from my cream and beige collection.

9″ x 10 1/2″

Creme de la Creme

This piece was featured in my book The Embroidery Book, by C&T Publishing. It was an example of a monochromatic color palette. There are shades of cream, off-white, candlelight, beige, and pearl. The base of this piece is a doupioni silk, layered with many treasured bits of lace, that I had collected over the years. The embroidery was worked in silk ribbons and perle cotton threads. The embellishments include, beads, mother of pearl buttons and charms, and fresh water pearls. The frame is comprised of carved bone purse handles.

13″ x 13″

Splattered Scattered Tatters

This piece is from my new book, Creative Embroidery, Mixing the Old with the New. I crazy pieced the base using odd scraps of muslin, added batting to the back and quilted a random pattern with perle cotton #12. I gathered small bits of machine made lace, tatted and crochet lace, and appliques. Some of the tatted and crochet pieces were made by my mom and myself. I also found a home for a collection of crochet and thread woven buttons, mother of pearl buttons, and bone underwear buttons. The embroidery is very minimal, so that the lovely components could speak for themselves. To bring all of the shades of cream together, I spatter dyed the base with Colorhue dyes.

I hope that your day is colorful! Happy Stitching to you all! ~Christen