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National Sewing Month

Day 24

Hand Embroidery Dictionary by Christen Brown, C&T Publishing

Darling Motif Sampler by Christen Brown

This crazy-pieced block gave me the perfect opportunity to embroider the stencils from the Darling Motif Collection, by C&T Publishing. I loved being able to use the variety of stencils here, and the pieced sections were easy to work around. I suggest using basic stitches like the outline, stem, chain, backstitch, straight, lazy daisy, and French knot stitches when highlighting a shape or object.

Happy Stitching, ~Christen

Gail’s Garden- wall hanging with ribbon work and silk ribbon embroidery

Gail's Garden- wall hanging by Christen Brown

Gail’s Garden- wall hanging by Christen Brown

This is a close-up view of a new wall hanging that I just finished on Saturday, (closer views of the flowers.) My friend Gail made me a lovely crocheted scarf with flowers and beads, and I made her this wall hanging in trade.

The wall hanging has ribbon worked flowers and leaves made from a variety of ribbons including:

  • silk bias
  • vintage grosgrain
  • satin
  • ombre
  • picot edged ombre
  • novelty

The crazy pieced base is stitched with both traditional and silk ribbon embroidery stitches. I used 4mm and 7mm silk ribbon, #5 and #8 pearl cotton, and Wildflower threads. I hand dyed some of the ribbons and threads to match the colors of the fabric.

Many of the flowers and leaves I have developed for a book that I would someday like to publish. Until that day I plant them in my gardens whether it be on a garment, purse, or other accessory. I hope that you find pleasure in your pursuits, as I do!

Happy Stitching! Christen

Days of Wine and Roses- silk ribbon embroidered vest

Days of Wine and Roses close-up

Days of Wine and Roses close-up

The inspiration for the colors of this vest came from the main fabric itself, which is from one of my favorite fabric companies, Hoffman Fabrics. The champagne-mushroom dyed background is liberally sprinkled with chocolate and rose colored ferns and leaves. I used these colors and added in a sage, celery and dark green for the ribbon worked flowers and leaves and the embroidery.

The front of the vest has a raw silk panel stitched in at a slightly off kilter diagonal angle. On either edge of the the cotton and silk seam seam run a display of whimsical floral vignettes. The ribbon worked flowers and leaves are made from a variety of new and vintage ribbons including: Hanah silk bias in 2-1/2″, 1″ and 5/8″; vintage cotton grosgrain and velvet ribbons; double sided satin ribbon; cotton and moire fabrics. The vignettes are embellished with silk ribbon embroidery in sizes 2mm, 4mm and 7mm silk ribbon. Silk and cotton threads were used for details and traditional embroidery stitches.

Days of Wine and Roses- vest

Days of Wine and Roses- vest

Happy Stitching! Christen