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Paris Exposition: Gothic Arches challenge

mixed media collage

This weeks theme over at Gothic Arches is “Paris Exposition” hosted by the very talented Lynn Stevens. I chose the 1889 exposition, because that is when the building of the Eiffel Tower had begun.

The lovely lady is from Old Photo Album. I found old posters and post cards on the web which I  copied and manipulated digitally, then printed them on heavy stock paper. I created a collage of the images around this lovely lady, adding in acrylic paints and ink pen details. I added in vintage buttons and a few roses made from an old zipper with a ric-rac detail for the out edges.

Very fun, wish I could have been there to see the exposition in person!

What was she thinking? MMM

art doll

Rose Marie

This is my entry for Mixed Media Monday’s challenge, “What was he or she thinking?”

Frumpinstell’s Knick Knack and Curio Emporium specialized in unique and unusual hand-made gift items. One evening when Mrs. Frimpinstell was working on the text for the monthly catalog, she mixed herself a drink of coffee and Irish Whiskey. Instead of adding their motto “Well Stocked and Tightly Packaged” to Rose Marie’s description, she typed in “Well Stacked and Nicely Packed”! Mrs. Frimpenstell did not notice the mistake at first, but when she did find it she felt that Rose Marie was these things, and more, so she left the description as is. What was she thinking? Everyone knows that you don’t mix coffee and Irish Whiskey, the coffee could have impaired her judgement!

This is another art doll that I have made using a paint brush, this one was actually our basting brush in the kitchen. I soaked it too long in the dish pan and all the bristles came out, “What was I thinking?”

Enjoy what you do, with or without a little Irish Whiskey! Christen