Tea on Tuesday: warm and toasty

tea cupHowdy all, sorry to have missed tea last week! We were preparing for the Susan G. Koleman 60 mile walk for the cure. Our daughter raised over $2,300.00 for the charity, and walked 60 miles, mostly in the rain!

The mom’s, daughters, sisters and husbands of the group Gwen walked with got together each day and provided treats, cheers and encouragement for the walkers. We were pretty much soaked too, but it was well worth the effort to have been involved in such an amazing three day event.

So today I am sitting with a warm cup of Earl, keeping warm and toasty with the heater at my feet, which are clad in my new thermal slippers, hmmm feels good!

I hope that you all have a wonderous Thanksgiving, and will be seeing you next week! Happy tea to you all, and see you on Kimmie’s sidebar!

Tea on Tuesday: oatmeal and applesauce

tea on tuesdayGood day to you all, I hope that Tea on Tuesday finds you well, happy, and ready for the day! I am saying this as I have been awake since 2:00 am, fighting to stay in bed and trying to get back to sleep. Alas this did not happen, and I finally got up at 4:00 and started the day….

Tea today is with the Earl, very strong as you can imagine I am fading a bit about now…

I thought some oatmeal would pick me up. So I used a recipe of Kimmie’s where she suggested to put applesauce in the bowl and cook it. WELL…..hmmmm

To my embarrasment I made a grand mess in the microwave because I forgot that the oatmeal expanded. I now have a perfectly wonderful smelling glue-paste in the microwave, that I am sure will take some time to remove…..

So I decided to take some photos, and put my tea on the mantle which is decorated for the season.

art dolls

Please join Kimmie and the rest of the tea group for a cup of words, quotes, lovely pictures, tea related info and great friends….

I am now going to go clean up my mess, and perhaps take a walk…. or snuggle with Butch and read my book…

Enjoy, Christen

PS: Kimmie wrote that it was apple juice, not apple sauce, UH DUH!!!! Must try that instead!

Tea on Tuesday: Old Houses

chamomile teaTea today is Chamomile, just sippin’ and enjoying the quiet morning. In the last few days we have seen clear autumn days, a little on the warm side, but more like a snuggly blanket. Crisp clear nights with a few stars and warm socks on the toes!

I have a tendency to think of old houses at this time of year. I have always loved antiques, wood especially, and the interesting nooks and crannies that old homes have. My grandparents had an old brownstone in Toronto, and it was fun to roam around and peek into the here and there places.

old houseThis is a drawing that I purchased many years ago at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach, CA. I loved the architectural lines, the windows and the trimmings.

Hope that you are having a wonderful day, and that you too are enjoying something special. Please join Kimmie and the rest of the tea gang (on her side bar)!

Happy days, enjoy, Christen

Sp00ky Tea on Tuesday

halloween teaGood Morning All! Sorry to have been absentee for a few weeks, missed you and your posts! Today it is a warm cup of Chai Tea, just sittin’ and sippin, and lookin’ out at the mist….

Our weather has certainly been strange this month, beginning with thunder storms, following with a bit of a heat spell, then rain, rain, rain. It actually has been conducive to decorating, so that is what I did one not-so-sunny afternoon.

I wear the silver spider web tiara when I decorate for Fall. The pumpkins are glowing, the leaves are falling and the harvest bounty is spread all around!

Hope that you are well, and enjoying your day! Please stop by Kimmie’s place and visit the rest of the Tea Gang!

enjoy, Christen

Tea on Tuesday, Harvest

harvest timeTea today is actually coffee, just sipping away, happy as a camper in still in my jammies! Actually I don’t think that I would be happy camping as it was usually cold, and there was always a rock under my back.

Anyways, the weather is cool and rainy and I am starting to decorate for fall. Last year I got on a “rusty gadget” theme and I am ready to start displaying my treasures. I found all of these old kitchen gadgets, here are two different graters; then there is my fake antique lantern, and this fun little chair made from real horseshoes!

My Autumn Harvest class is starting today at Joggles, and today it is all about the Pumpkins, next week the Cluckleheads (seen resting in the chair).

Hope that all is well with you, and please join Kimmie and the rest of the tea time group for a cuppa!

Enjoy, Christen

Tea on Tuesday, Fall?

tea cupTea today is actually iced Lemon Zinger. I may be switching to ice water, and pouring it over my head and letting it drip down my body.

I know that everyone else in the country had a warm summer, we did not, it was gray, gloomy and a bit on the cool side. However I think that Mother Nature tried to rectify her imbalances and has decided to give us everything we missed all in one week! We went from the mid ’70’s into the 90’s here in SD over the weekend.

Yesterday was one of the hottest days on record for this time of year; for my hubby it was 110, and here in SD it was about 95. Now I must remind you we have no AC, just little fans that move the heat around your ankles or head, not really very effective or all that pleasant!

Today is supposed to be cooler, but the humidity is supposed to be as high as the temperature, and I have to go to the dentist, and he works where my husband does, and it is gonna be a muggy ugly adventure!

Oh well, complain complain! I hope that everyone else is enjoying the beginning of their fall weather!

I can’t wait to start decorating, and I can’t wait to see all of your decorations!

Take care my friends, I will visit you and Kimmie when I get back from the dentist!

Tea and Tuesday: smashed, crashed and recached

Sweetpea tea setTea today is actually in a battered old mug, sitting by my computer, steaming hot with my fav, Raspberry Zinger.

I wanted to share the tea set that I have been collecting for over 5 years, which I shared in one of my first tea posts. The pattern is called Sweet Pea, it is a vintage chintz pattern that was made by Royal Winton in the 30’s. The tea pot style is called Albans, there were several styles available in this pattern and there were two different cup styles, and two different cream and sugar bowls. Other items that were made are a pitcher, salt and pepper shakers, sandwich plate (shown in the back) toast rack, nut bowl, candy dish and a covered butter dish.

sweet pea pattern

I fell in love with this pattern after discovering that my grandmother had one piece, a covered butter dish, which I inherited. Actually it came to me by default, my mother and sister thought that it was hideous. I cherished it, we used it for special occasions, with the pretty little summer flowers brightening up the table.

One day a friend came over for tea and I invited her to pick out her tea cup from the china cabinet. I am sure you can guess from the image below that a little bit of a fiasco happened.

smashed and crashedNobody’s fault, I just had stacked a plate incorrectly and it slipped down, pushing the pieces in front of it along the shelf and onto the floor. The butter dish sitting prominently was hit first, taking this lovely little tea cup that had also been my grandmothers. Unusually enough only the bottom portion of the butter dish smashed, the top potion is resting fully intact at the back of the photo.

To say that my heart was a little crushed does not really cover my feelings at the moment, but being the lady that my grandmother taught me to be, I continued to entertain, and we had a lovely rest of the day. Afterwords I went on a quest that took me several years and several undisclosed dollars to find a replacement butter dish.

Along the way I discovered the other wonderful items that were made with this pattern. I made several wonderful connections with people from all over the world, Canada, England and Scotland, with the butter dish coming all the way from Australia. One sugar and creamer came from Florida (perhaps from a transplanted snow bird).

I eventually would like to find someone who cuts the pieces and puts them into a bezel and have a bracelet made. But for now I have recached the smashed and trashed into a bit of art with the help of Gimp photo imaging program.




A few weeks ago Patty left me a lovely quote and I would like to share it with you:

“When the Japanese mend broken objects, they fill the cracks with gold. They believe that when something’s suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful.” ~Barbara Bloom

Thank you for stopping by, and glad to have you all in my life, I truly enjoy visiting you, and look forward to my Tuesday Tea with friends. Please join Kimmie and the rest of the group!


Tea on Tuesday, old and older

tea cozyTea today is green, calm and warm….

We woke up an hour late and my hubby had to dash into the shower and get dressed for work in 20 minutes. What a special way to start the day, ummmm not!

I just finished the tea cozy in the background, it is hand crazy pieced, with hand quilting. The only machine work was to assemble the front to the back. I made it from leftover bits and pieces of vintage feed sack cloth, that I had used to make my pincushions that I sell on Etsy.

The teapot was a gift from two dear old English friends that I worked with at the Broadway, many many years ago. I found the lovely little cup and saucer at the thrift store where I also found this lovely embroidered table runner.

embroidered table runnerI used this as an example of free-form embroidery in my BEBE class last session for Joggles. I am a sucker for anything that is embroidered, it is my passion, my meditation, my joy!

betty button cardsI found these darling little Bridge cards on ebay. These came in the original box, with the place cards and the Bridge match up cards! The ladies are a hoot with the net face cover and felt hats, I believe there are eight different styles. The gentlemen all are wearing the same top hat, I guess that it wasn’t important to vary there.

I must not be awake yet because I dream that I am from a different time, when place cards, tea cozies and lace were an everyday enjoyment…

Please join Kimmie and the rest of the tea gals, and make today an event, because you all are special!

Tea on Tuesday, reflections

tea cup and sea urchinsTea today is Raspberry Black Tea, in my favorite green mug that lends a certain amount of calm to the experience.

I am in the process of re-re-re-reading (possibly a few more re-s) Cannery Row. John and I had a rocky start when I was a young child when in the second grade we read the Red Pony in class. As an adult though I have grown to appreciate his writing style, and of all his works Cannery Row is my favorite.

Doc would probably appreciate the beauty of these sea urchins, which I think are my favorite of all sea creatures. I have a bowl full of several different species, which as you can see are quite delicate and break when dropped. The broken pieces are placed in a different display, that looks as though it is a portion of beach with washed up bits and pieces of this and that.

broken and dried bits of stuffMy tea post of June 22, had a picture of our Christmas cactus in bloom. In this picture I have placed the dried bloom and a few pieces of sea urchin with a dried tomato vine and a piece of green onion skin.

I think that we can still find beauty in the the broken, the wilted and the imperfect. Perhaps though this is learned only after our youth is a memory to reflect upon while appreciating our selves today.

Happy Tea to all, please join Kimmie and the rest of our group for a cup of special thoughts…

Enjoy, Christen

Tea on Tuesday, old movies

tea on tuesday old moviesTea on Tuesday is coffee today, a little bit of a jolt now and again is a good thing, for me at least.

This week I spent a few quiet moments watching some old movies that I had recorded earlier in the summer. I often peruse AMC and Turner Classics for the oldies, the ones that we watched when I was a kid, and would have been considered old then!

I started with a movie that had been loosely based on a novel called Tish. The movie starred Marjorie Main and Zasu Pitts, and many other actors you would recognize. The book regaled us with the adventures of a strong-willed maiden aunt who is way beyond her time period, her skill level shall we say, and any reasoning that her nephew can exert.

From there I went on to The Canterville Ghost, starring Robert Young (very young), Margaret O’Brien (my dad had a crush on her all of his life), and Charles Laughton as the ghost. Set in England during WWII, Cuffy (Robert Young) is destined to save his long-lost ancestor, Sir Simon (the ghost) from living all of eternity in shame. This is accomplished and all is right with the world!

The last film was The Grand Hotel with the stellar cast of Greta Garbo, John Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore, Joan Crawford, and Wallace Beery. Every time I watch this I focus on a different actor’s performance, there is just so much going on that you can’t possibly absorb the entire movie in one viewing. And Joan Crawford had some killer gloves on in one scene that I wouldn’t mind owning!

wildflower seedsI will leave you with a few more photos of the flowers that were produced from the wildflower seeds we planted at the beginning of the summer.

wildflower seedsThis one is really sweet with the flower about 1/2″ in size.

wildflower seedsOur weather has turned a bit cool again, with some morning low clouds and a bit of rain the other day. But I am not complaining!

Off to do some work, please join Kimmie and the rest of the tea group!

Enjoy, happy day to you, Christen

PS: please take a look at Lizbeth’s adventures, she has missed many months of the Dress Up challenge, but she is back now!