French Lady: Art Creations Friday

Feminine French Lady

Feminine French Lady

Over at Art Creations Friday they had an open theme, or you could use the image or background of a challenge you missed. My lady is from Challenge 43.

I re- colored the image to work with the materials for the frame. I first dyed Tymtex (which is a stiff interfacing used in baseball hats), then cut it and stitched it into a frame. The frame is embellished with hand embroidery, fabric vine and novelty yarn, velvet milliner’s leaves, and ribbon worked roses and leaves. I also added in vintage celluloid leaves, roses and buttons and a piece of a wooden fence.

So glad that I could include this in the challenge! Thank you for all of the work that you put into this site!


Arnold and Camille: Art on the Darkside

Arnold and Camille

Arnold and Camille

Art on the Darkside this week challenged us to think about wishes, desires and to be careful what you wish for.

Arnold and Camille were the mannequins placed in front of the Travel Department at the Fancy Fare Department Store in Downtown Poughkeepsi, New York. They had stood there for months, as two charming charismatic dancers in love, enticing young and old housewives to convince their husbands that a trip to Europe, Asia, anywhere would spice up their lives.

To everyone’s surprise this display worked so well, that travel sales had reached an all time high, not to mention the unmentionables in the lingerie department. However, unbeknownst to everyone in his employ Donald Gordon the store owner, had obtained a magic potion which he had sprinkled on the carpet around the display where Arnold and Camille stood locked in their poses.

So powerful was the potion that Arnold now believed that this magic could somehow spice up his relationship with Camille. He unfortunately forgot a few minor details when he formulated his wish, such as money to live on, and to not be molded to Camille so that she would not be stepping on his foot.

It is hard to think when you look so pretty but have no brains. Be careful of what you wish for, and try and remember those pesky details. Christen

All images are from Dover, except the world map.

Nine Lives: Lurking in the Shadows

9 Lives

9 Lives

The challenge this week for Art on the Darkside was lurking in the shadows.

This magnificent feline, Brobdingnagian, is from a woodcut by Fritz Eichenberg. I digitally removed his image, multiplied and shrunk additional images, and here he is contemplating all of those 9 lives.

I don’t think that I would want this black cat to cross my path, he just seems so stern! Enjoy the day, Christen

Black Dark Desires: Art on the Darkside Challenge

Dark Desires

Dark Desires

Dark desires, a chance meeting,  a soldier, a countess, an  archway, a church, a castle, a door, a deserted street, and a thorn bush…. Was it right, where did it go wrong, only their ghosts will give you the answers.

The challenge this week was Black, for Art on the Darkside. I scanned two old photographs and several old black and white post cards. I thought of clandestine places and meetings as dark or black.

Take time to enjoy the day, black, dark, spooky or ? Christen

Charlie Meets Andy: TTM’s challenge

Colorful Charlie

Colorful Charlie or Charlie Meets Andy

Charlie Chaplin was the theme for The Three Muses challenge this week. I am often saddened by his face, so expressive, so unhappy seeming, so that is why I chose to add color in the stylized way of Andy Warhol.

I chose a quintessential Charlie pose, removed the background, and started adding color with the paint bucket. Then I detailed his clothes and his hat, added in a background color and picture #1 was done. Each picture after that was a progressive color alteration of the original.

There you go, I hope that he is happier in my Crayola Crayon box of 64 style!

Thank you again ladies for a creative and fun challenge.


The Hands That Built America: The Three Muses Challenge

The Hands That Built America

These Are The Hands That Built America

This is my entry for the Three Muses Challenge this week which was Give Us a Hand. Recently my mom let me rummage through two large boxes of old photos, and as I was looking through them a song came on the radio by U2: “These Are The Hands That Built America”, and I thought yah, you betcha these are some of them don’t yah know.

My dad (on the unicycle) was one of eight children (photograph center left), he was a pro-types engineer and avid model plane builder. His dad and mom immigrated from Sweden when grandfather was three and grandmother was 16. They found each other and were married in Michigan, and soon moved to Burbank, CA. My grandfather was a blacksmith, who then became a mechanic and my grandmother was a house cleaner and a full time mom (seen together in the oval picture above my dad).

My mom (seen in her nurses uniform) was an only child (and her baby picture is to the right), she loves to create whether it be knitting, embroidery, painting and many other areas. Her dad (top right small photo) immigrated from Scotland, and grandpa worked as a warehouse stock person most of his life, he loved dogs, cigars, and bridge. Her mom immigrated from England, and grandma worked first for Eatons Department Store (top photo above my mom), later as an executive secretary, and finally for a bank (at the age of 80). Grandma and grandpa (seen in the oval picture on the right) were married for 62 years, and lived in the house that had been in grandpa’s family.

The song “These Are The Hands That Built America” was written prior to 9/11. Even so the words were quite poignant and almost eerily applied to the hearts and minds of the survivor’s and the families who lost people in the tragic events and was sung at a benefit concert listing every person’s name that was lost.

Excerpt of the 1st and 2cd choruses:

These are the hands that built America
(Russian, Sioux, Dutch, Hindu)
Oh, oh oh, America
(Polish, Irish, German, Italian)

And these are the hands, that built America
(The Irish, the Blacks, the Chinese, the Jews)
Ah, ah ah, America / Hand
(Korean, Hispanic, Muslim, Indian)

I bet that all of us have a great deal of shared history in building this country, and I hope that you are able to share this with your children so that they too can pass on this legacy of strength, courage, determination, and love to their children.


Spookie moth: art on the darkside

Spooky moth

Spookie moth

This is my entry for the Art on the Darkside for this week. There are always very interesting artists here, so you should take a look!

I really enjoyed working with “Fireworks” which is the system that I have installed on my computer for working with digital images. I took the moth picture that was provided for the image this week, and fiddled with it a bit, added a little color and such. Then I took an image of an old door, and did some cropping, fiddling and changed the color. Then I took an image of a prong of an old rusted thing, and created it into a spider web….I didn’t however add in any spiders, cause they quite frankly scare me!

A few hours or so later, this is what I came up with. How lucky I am to have a few hours here and there to PLAY! Hope that you do too! Christen

Inspirational People: Three Muses Challenge

Leonardo da Vinci- 1452-1519

Leonardo da Vinci- 1452-1519

This is my entry for the Three Muses challenge for Inspirational People. I look up to Leonardo da Vinci who was considered the quintessential Renaissance man. Not only was he was considered one of the greatest painters of all time, he was also known for being a sculptor and musician. In addition his interests and talents also lead him to become an engineer, inventor, mathematician, and scientist. Pretty incredible guy, and plenty of inspiration to go around for all!

Happy day to you, tell someone that has inspired you how much they mean to you! Christen

Many images came from searching the web, I added a beret to Leonardo, one that I cropped, stretched and color treated. The old map was distorted and colored, then sliced. The suitcase and wings were also distorted, cropped and color treated. The image of the old book that I used for the background came from The Vintage Moth.

No Time Like the Present- Mixed Media Monday challenge

No Time Like the Present

No Time Like the Present

This is my entry for Mixed Media Monday challenge “Play”. I really didn’t have the “time” this week to create something, or “play” much at all…. but it was an inviting theme that I wanted to try. This is a digital image that I created with a clock face, and an embroidery montage.

I took an Antique French clock face by barefootliam-stock that I found while searching for ideas for another project. It is really quite beautiful in itself, but the numbers were not all there or faded so I thought to knock out the background then add in my own numbers.

shabby vest

shabby vest

Then I decided that I didn’t just want to add a background with a flat color so I added a background that I had created from images of a vest that I had recycled with tons of embroidery that I had stitched a few months ago. I took several close-up pictures, then cropped them and arranged them into a montage, and just saved it for the right time.

I took a portion of this montage and used it for the background here. I used the eraser tool to knock out the numbers and as the image underneath started to appear I wanted to knock out more! I knocked out (or drew) informal lines and then knocked out dots all around. This was quite fun when it doesn’t have to be perfect!

I didn’t add numbers in after all because this piece is a representation of what you can do with a little time and imagination. And so I did get to “Play”, and it was great fun! Thank you again for another great challenge Diane!

Enjoy the day, and play while you can! Christen