Small Wonders- ribbon worked flowers and leaves

Small Wonders Vase- ribbon worked flowers and leaves

Small Wonders Vase- ribbon worked flowers and leaves

I chose for the vase a healthy squatty round gourd that a friend had dyed with shoe leather dyes.

The flowers and leaves are made from a variety of silk, woven and French wire ribbons, none larger than 5/8″ wide. They are attached to wire stems that have been covered in 4mm silk ribbon.

There are roses made from both woven and silk bias ribbons; ruffled edged ribbon rosettes; and satin ribbon leaves. I used a vintage glass button for the center of the large ruffled flower and a stuffed bias ribbon for the center of the sheered flower to the right of it.

My favorite is the morning glory vine to the right of the picture where I used silk bias flowers with an 1/8″ ombre ribbon for the leaves, and millinery stamens for the centers.

The entire grouping stands 2-3/4″ tall.

Happy Stitching! Christen

Aurelia’s Garden: silk ribbon embroidered treasure box

Aurelia's Garden

Aurelia’s Garden: treasure box by Christen Brown

The title for this box came from the movie “Love Actually” which is a favorite with my daughter and myself.

Aurelia is one of the characters, and I just love her name and am happy to report that she has a happy story and a new beginning to her life.

This box is 3″ wide by 1- 1/2″ deep and is made by ironing Timtex to cotton paper. The shape is created by machine stitching the folds of the box and the edges with cotton threads. I also used this technique on the Fairie Tea Party.

The top and sides are blooming with silk ribbon embroidered flowers and leaves with a few ribbon worked flowers added in. The colors Briar Rose and Cabernet from Hanah silk were the starting points for my pallet. I also used a vintage cotton jacquard and an ombre ribbon. The rest of the garden is stitched with 2, 4, and 7mm silk ribbon; silk and cotton threads.

The treasure box rests on a ledge in my work room with the dolls and the pillows, and I smile every day looking at all of the wonderful colors!

Happy and joyous stitching to you all! Christen

Fairie Tea Party- cup and saucer

Fairie Tea Party by Christen Brown

Fairie Tea Party by Christen Brown

When your fay guests arrive, one must be properly prepared. I have been collecting books, stories and images of these gentle folk, and now with this cup perhaps I will be rewarded with a visit!

This tea cup and lily pad saucer are made from cotton paper that is cut, manipulated and machine stitched into shape. The cup is adorned with ribbon worked flowers and leaves made from silk, rayon and French wire ribbons.

Happy and Joyous Stitching! Christen