Arnold and Camille: Art on the Darkside

Arnold and Camille

Arnold and Camille

Art on the Darkside this week challenged us to think about wishes, desires and to be careful what you wish for.

Arnold and Camille were the mannequins placed in front of the Travel Department at the Fancy Fare Department Store in Downtown Poughkeepsi, New York. They had stood there for months, as two charming charismatic dancers in love, enticing young and old housewives to convince their husbands that a trip to Europe, Asia, anywhere would spice up their lives.

To everyone’s surprise this display worked so well, that travel sales had reached an all time high, not to mention the unmentionables in the lingerie department. However, unbeknownst to everyone in his employ Donald Gordon the store owner, had obtained a magic potion which he had sprinkled on the carpet around the display where Arnold and Camille stood locked in their poses.

So powerful was the potion that Arnold now believed that this magic could somehow spice up his relationship with Camille. He unfortunately forgot a few minor details when he formulated his wish, such as money to live on, and to not be molded to Camille so that she would not be stepping on his foot.

It is hard to think when you look so pretty but have no brains. Be careful of what you wish for, and try and remember those pesky details. Christen

All images are from Dover, except the world map.

Nine Lives: Lurking in the Shadows

9 Lives

9 Lives

The challenge this week for Art on the Darkside was lurking in the shadows.

This magnificent feline, Brobdingnagian, is from a woodcut by Fritz Eichenberg. I digitally removed his image, multiplied and shrunk additional images, and here he is contemplating all of those 9 lives.

I don’t think that I would want this black cat to cross my path, he just seems so stern! Enjoy the day, Christen

Black Dark Desires: Art on the Darkside Challenge

Dark Desires

Dark Desires

Dark desires, a chance meeting,  a soldier, a countess, an  archway, a church, a castle, a door, a deserted street, and a thorn bush…. Was it right, where did it go wrong, only their ghosts will give you the answers.

The challenge this week was Black, for Art on the Darkside. I scanned two old photographs and several old black and white post cards. I thought of clandestine places and meetings as dark or black.

Take time to enjoy the day, black, dark, spooky or ? Christen

Spookie moth: art on the darkside

Spooky moth

Spookie moth

This is my entry for the Art on the Darkside for this week. There are always very interesting artists here, so you should take a look!

I really enjoyed working with “Fireworks” which is the system that I have installed on my computer for working with digital images. I took the moth picture that was provided for the image this week, and fiddled with it a bit, added a little color and such. Then I took an image of an old door, and did some cropping, fiddling and changed the color. Then I took an image of a prong of an old rusted thing, and created it into a spider web….I didn’t however add in any spiders, cause they quite frankly scare me!

A few hours or so later, this is what I came up with. How lucky I am to have a few hours here and there to PLAY! Hope that you do too! Christen