Friday’s Favorites: Zippers and Tape Measures

What more can I say? I have a selection of pieces to show you today, from my book, Creative Embroidery, Mixing the Old With the New, by C&T Publishing.

Buttoned and Zippered Up: Featuring flannel fabrics, vintage tape measure, zipper, celluloid buckle, and variety of celluloid buttons.

Measured Party Fowl

Measured Party Fowl: A machine quilted base of pieces of left-over fabrics and a gifted bag full of selvage edge strips becomes the background for a collection of whimsical friends. An old tape measure was used for the body of each bird, with fun googly eyes, rickrack legs, laundry pin wings, shoe beads, and hat buttons. Other embellishments are rickrack and ribbonwork flowers, vintage buttons, glass mushrooms, vintage tin pins, and metal charms.

Bees Buzz on a Saturday Afternoon

Bees Buzz on a Saturday Afternoon: This patch- and strip-pieced grouping of cotton prints and vintage printed panels, with layered vintage rickrack trims, jacquard, and grosgrain ribbons, becomes the backdrop for a medley of vintage and new buttons, scatter pins, birds’ nests, and ribbonwork flowers.

Cookie Cutter Wreath: This is a collection of vintage cookies molds wrapped with a variety of burlap and woven ribbons, that were combined to create a wreath. The wreath is embellished with ribbonwork and zipper flowers, buttons, and other purchased ephemera.

Buttons and Buckles Pin: The base of this pin is a fast2fuse shape covered with grosgrain ribbon. It is adorned with mother-of-pearl and celluloid buttons, buckles, zipper roses, and twill tape flowers.

Happy Stitching to you! ~Christen

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