Friday’s Favorites: Linens and Doilies

What more can I say? I have a selection of pieces to show you today, from my upcoming book, Creative Embroidery, Mixing the Old With the New, by C&T Publishing. Some of the pieces are gallery examples, some are examples of the projects included in the book. All with wonderful buttons!

Vintage linens like napkins, hand towels, embroidered cotton doilies with lace edges, can be combined with lace doilies and trims to create a collage base that can also include fabrics, ribbons, and trims.

Faded Shades of Rococo Days: This is a Stash Idea Inspiration piece. I pieced a base of a charm packet of Moda prints, and additional printed cotton fabrics. I stitched with a nine patch square for the center, framed this with a strip of a printed cotton fabric, then finished off with a pieced boarder of the remaining charm squares. I placed a lace doily in the center section, and layered cotton flat lace throughout the base. I highlighted the center section with a velvet ribbon. I embroidered and embellished the base with threads, beads, buttons, and ribbonwork flowers and leaves.

Butterfly Fields: This is a Stash Idea Inspiration piece. An old Battenburg lace doily was cut into sections to form the three trees that are stitched to a batik background framed with a strip-pieced border. Embellishments include ribbonwork and lace flowers, beads, sequins, buttons, and charms.

Doily Bunting: This is a Stash Project, that is a great way to use up your collection of embroidery and printed doilies.

Girly Girls: This is a Stash Idea Inspiration piece. This entire collection of doilies, napkins, and small serving placemats was given to me by friends and family members. The kid glove belonged to my grandmother, and my mother stitched the oval floral pieces. The earrings came from my husband’s grandmothers and the jacquard ribbon from his mother. The vintage buttons, jewelry, perfume vials, and glass beads were purchased at thrift stores and online.

Here is a video that I shot at the C&T Publishing Studios, that focuses on the new book, and some of my favorite pieces.

Happy Stitching! ~Christen

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