Friday’s Favorites: Buttons of Course, and National BUTTON WEEK, Day 5!!!

In honor of National Button week March 13-19, 2023 I thought that I would share a few of my favorite buttons, and buttons, and lots and lots of buttons. Today, I want to share a few buttons that have a practical purpose.

Bachelor Buttons

Well I guess that you could say all buttons have a practical purpose. But I think that you will agree that these really are uniquely purposeful! As advertised, the company Pilcher’s designed this two-part replacement button for trousers, vests, and coats, to be used anywhere a button has been or should be. You simply separate the two halves, you then insert it into the fabric and snap the parts back together to replace the lost button.

I just love the advertising button cards, helping the consumer to understand where to put the buttons! Priceless!

Here are a few more practical hard “working” buttons to share.

  • Leather buttons can be found on those high top button up leather shoes, gloves, and practical coats.
  • The “rubber buttons” were designed to hold up under lots, and lots of hand or machine washings.
  • A “perfume button” is a fabric covered button form that is encased with a decorative metal cover. You just dab a bit of your favorite scent onto the fabric.
Button card with instructions how to make a necklace.

Coquette garter ornaments, were kept hidden from prying eyes, and only shown to your intimates. Originally the face was fashioned after Clara Bow, the IT Girl, who was the iconic example of a ” Roaring 20’s Flapper”.

And lastly, Betty Button Originals, take the plain white button to the next level. I think that these were used as place cards, for a dinner and drinks party, or a ladies tea party, or maybe a bridge club get together. Too fun!

Hope that you enjoyed looking! Happy stitching! ~Christen