National Sewing Month

Day 14

Question: Do you name or title your projects, and how do you choose those names? Sometimes I choose a name by an item in the project, or from a song that I listen to, or just a fond memory.

Lady Bird’s Bzzy Garden, and Lady Bird 2 by Christen Brown

The theme for each of these crazy-pieced wall hangings came from the creme colored print that has flowers and ladybugs on it. I used a variety of garden themed buttons including flowers, bees, fruits and vegetables, and gardening tools. I also used ladybugs (representing our daughter), frogs (representing my husband), and bunnies (representing me.)

I used the same printed fabrics for each wall hanging. On the first I used black as an accent color, and worked the border row stitches in black, with the decorative and detail stitches worked in the same colors as the fabrics. In the second piece I used creme as an accent color, including in a variety of cotton laces. The border row, decorative and detail stitches are all worked in the colors found in the fabrics.

These two pieces can be found in The Embroidery Book, by C&T Publishing.

Happy Stitching~Christen

3 thoughts on “National Sewing Month

  1. No names or titles for mine. Your names are delightful and the color choices effective. I wouldn’t know that they were both created by the same person.

    • I am not sure when I started giving my work names, probably when I was creating wearables, and instead of calling it that purple vest, I chose “A Walk Through my Flower Garden”. ~C

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